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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Commission: Dark Eldar Raiders

Some more commission work, this time a trio of Dark Eldar Raiders to flesh out a client's transport section for his insane sex maniac elves. Note to self: never, ever do three of them at once again. Not only are you signing up to paint a relatively intricate small vehicle, but you also paint the squad of DE that's riding on the bloody thing, and that's an incredible pain in the ass. Honestly, I don't know how you DE players manage it, much less keep the things intact for transport with all those spiky bits and things sticking out. Honestly. 

The perk of doing three at once is, of course, that you can mix and match the hangers-on to your heart's content (within  the limits of the parts, anyway), as well as the trophy skulls and other oddments. I had a witch barge and an all-helmet barge going, and I'm pretty certain one of those weirdos is swinging a net, too. 

I had a wild impulse to combine some spare sails and put them out to the side, Jabba's Sail Barge style, but the client nixed that idea, preferring to have them stock. It would have given the things a much cooler silhouette, but oh well. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Commission: Adeptus Mechanicus Grand Magos

So this nice fellow from a far-off land had a job for me: replicate my old Grand Magos model. As you can see, one of these things is clearly not like the other. The reason for this is quite simple; me old mate there on the right was made with no small amount of discontinued parts (can you spot the RT dreadnought arm? ), which make replicating troublesome, to say the least. But, enough of the stuff is still on the market, so try I did. 

Based on the old metal Oblit body, he started out about the same, but it was devilishly hard to get servo arm bits without buying a tech marine, and some of those other things, well... they came from models that just around anymore. Luckily there bits of other things (and eBay) to take up the slack. I realized too late I could've built a claw around that assault cannon, but then again, it might not have held together anyway without a great deal of metal.

One thing he does have over the original (besides a wicked barbed power claw made from crux harpoons) are these bloody great cog shoulder pads that I wish I'd had the foresight to put on mine, but oh well, we do as we must. 

No servo harness backpacks to had out there, either (again, not without buying the full kit) so I made due with SM and Tau parts. If I hadn't been running low on Dragon Forge cabling, I would've made him a trailing sheaf of cables, too, but this way the hem of his robe is unmarred.

People ask me how I build the things and where I get my ideas, but they don't seem to believe me when I tell them I just keep putting bit on until it looks right. Things seem to come together organically. When I build copies of something (given the same parts)  the second one is rather forced and unfulfilling, which is why I suppose I'll never have a true parking lot of 18 identical Chimeras.

I imagine this fellow needs a little crew of Servitors running behind him just to fill up the ammo tins on the assault cannon. I think I'll start including big ammo drums on models that don't have internal magazines for some realism's sake. I understand the new huge bolt cannon on the IG Avenger is only a pathetic S6, which isn't going to do so much as annoy a lot of vehicles out there. S6? Really? Not even armor bane? Sad.

I contemplated giving him a pair of smaller sub arms (for fine work) but they only would've gotten in the way, and made the model look rather too busy, visually. Plus, the Admech make Titans, not landmates, dammit. Anyhoo, at last report this fellow arrived at his new (and very satisfied) owner's domicile intact. Yay postal service, and on to the next project!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Commission: WIP

Taking it easy this week, working on a Grand Magos for a client. More as he develops....

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Commissions Part III: Electric Avenue...

I'd like to think that if GW bothered to sit down and revamp their Robot designs several years ago, or had, say, wanted to turn out some Knight Titan houses, that they'd come out looking somewhat like the Cygnar Warjacks. Sadly, of the three different factions of WM I've painted so far, these fellows have to be the least visually interesting. Nevertheless, I gave them my all, partly out of pity, and partly because I don't know any other way. 

Johnny Steampunk here is wearing a breastplate with no discernible function other than to be his personal space heater, and is decked out with the prerequisite goggles and pistol to go with his fantasy-inspired lower half. Having read through the quick-start rules and his stats in particular, he's no small potatoes, but the miniature design just didn't do anything for me. I can't help getting the feeling they came up with him first of all, and everything just sort of followed after and got better as they went. It doesn't help his case that his head, while helpfully separate, was sculpted pre-mashed to one side, something that struck me as half-assed and rather sad. 

For all of Cygnar's purported advancements, this big chap's rather underarmed. Sure, he lugs around a big hammer, but it's not fuck-off huge, it's not especially well-adorned with any kind of piston-driven, electrically charged excitement, and quite frankly, he seems rather disappointed to be carrying it. Everyone else gets rifles, shields, arc nodes, and so on, and he strides around with the garden-variety round boiler on his back. To add insult to injury, there are huge access doors on the front any anti-armor gunner would be grateful to see. Poor chap. I could swear I heard him sighing with envy as I painted the better designed Cryx and Khador monstrosities. 

The legs on these two make me sad. They're rather spindly and under-armored, and they didn't mount right to the hips despite some rather severe cutting. At least the dual cannon's a bit more believable than the giant beer barrel the Khador heavy was lugging around. They looked so bloody much like old-school 40k Titans I dry-fit a couple of old weapons to them that were lying around my bits box. Forgot to take pictures though, more's the pity. Again, though, they don't support the whole "Cygnar's the most advanced" fluff, being the most ramshackle looking of the three factions I've done so far. Again, stat-wise they seem grand (I suppose; I mean, I did only read them on the toilet...) but I only wish they looked a bit more put-together than their other, more solid looking contemporaries. Some variation, PP artists, please. 

Being the requisite goody-goody faction, I wonder if it's a coincidence that PP decided the Cygnar paint scheme was Ultramarine blue...

Next time, something a bit different. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Commissions: More Warmachine....

As I may have mentioned last time, Client X's friend, Client Y, purchased not one but two Warmachine starter boxed sets for himself, and it was up to yours truly to make them happen. So, this time around we'll cover the Cryx. 

Stylistically, I must say, the Cryx have a lot going for them. I rather like the glowy necro-energy bits, and their use of spikes and razors isn't as over the top as, say, chaos marines. The designers are trying to strike a balance between Evil Skully Necromancer and Steampunk, and that sort of thing is rather tough to do well. 

I like the design of the Deneghra model a lot, but if I ever got one, I'd trim those ridiculous horns off her helmet. I mean come on, her vision is restricted enough. Now you're going to weigh her poor head down with big metal horns? One fantastic thing about this mini is that the left arm is separate, allowing you to paint her face without the armor sleeve interfering. That's something they didn't do with her Cygnar counterpart, whose head came warped to fit his collar instead of the other way around. Now, what I absolutely love is that the left arm has a nice, deep well of the shoulder peg to sink into securely, which is something NO ONE ELSE DOES ON ANY MINI, EVER. Bravo, Privateer Press, bravo. 

I've been using parts of Old Stompy's brethren here for Tyracron parts, so I was delight to get to assemble the actual model. Those big expanses of carapace scream for some kind of heraldry, so it was a bit of a shame to go with Cryx Mottled Slate Grey for the armor plates. I am increasingly a fan of glowy bits, so this big chap and his little subordinates got the treatment. The metal parts receive the same rusty steel I've been using on the Necrons, but with more Tin Bitz than Boltgun metal. 

Someone tell me just what the hell these things are supposed to do; run up and for something? I suppose I'd be warmer to the design if it had four legs and looked like an armored boar, instead of a weird chicken thing. If I ever delve into WM and decide to go Cryx, I honestly don't want to have to use them. 

No, replacing the lower jaw with a peashooter doesn't help, either. Sorry, death chicken, you'll not make it into my collection that way. Your larger, two legged compatriots might, but you? Not if I have a choice, no. 

Unless, that is,  one of you Cryx players out there explains to me how they blow through the enemy like little metal cannonballs full of anger. Then I'll model some mechanized death-boars. 

Next time, Cygnar. 


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Commissions: Catching up....

The reason for all the slow posting lately is that in between all the Necron stuff, I've also been deluged with commissions. Client X and a friend of his got into Warmachine, so some of that stuff came my way in the form of not one, but three of these squad boxes (in addition to some 40k stuff). I gotta say, if (and some say when) I ever dump 40k, the PP folks might be pulling in some of the money from my eBay sales. At this stage, if I had to pick a faction, it'd be Khador, too. Heavy armor, big guns, axes and Russian babes? Man, these people have my number. 

I have this lady in metal, and I must say, I'd rather have metal character minis than plastic any day. While the plast that PP is using holds detail well, in this small size it seems rather, well... flimsy. I'd fear for her outstretched right arm and that long war pick in the long run. On the plus side, there is a certain amount of elasticity to this stuff, so the figures may prove to be quite hardy. They certainly glue securely, and quickly; there were no "is it or isn't it?" moments like you'd expect to have for bonding pewter components. 

When you look at a few of them all standing in the same place, yes, Warjacks all look the same. On the one hand, there's definitely something to be said for adhering to a design aesthetic; there's no mistaking a Warjack for a Dreadnought, or a Votoms, or a Battlemech or anything else. Realistically, of course, those tiny legs and hips could never support that enormous orb of a torso, but oh well. I did my best to re-pose this thing and its brother from their static setup to something more dynamic, and found the hip joints to be agreeable pliable without snapping clear, which, again, is a plus of this grade of plastic. 

I'm all for big cannons. I am. However, the muzzle on that Destroyer is just to big and chummy to be believed. look at that thing; it's like the drum of  a cement mixer or something! There's something to be said for layered plates of heavy armor, which is a look the Warmachine artists pull off admirably, but come ON. 

There was a Razorback kit to do, too, and since I was working in red, it went rather quickly. WM players, take note: if you're looking to switch into 40k, your warjacks would make excellent Dreadnaughts, so save yourself some cash.

Still to come: Dark Eldar, more Warmachine, a mk2 Vendetta,  and a magnetized Ghost/Doomsday Ark. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Commissions: Their first Rhino....

Blogger is being a shit today, making it extra tricky to upload photos with their widget. Hopefully they'll fix it soon, because it makes things take twice as long. 

Patron X has seen the Mechanized Force light, and has gotten his first Rhino/Razorback for the Angels of Flame. Properly kitted out, the Rhino really is an excellent little model, if a little fragile in the game. 

And why not use the little hunter-killer mount, too? Give that APC a reason to feel good about itself before an enemy model sneezes and blows it up. (Of course, you get the same result if more than one Marine tries to cram his frame inside the thing) I fitted the Razorback turret plate underneath the double hatch, which itself is pretty snug without the need for magnets. So, all he needs to do is pop the top off and voila!

Burly little monster, isn't he? If only they'd designed the Storm Raven as well. Incidentally, have you seen the latest Chapterhouse mod kit? It turns that shitty aircraft into this:

Looks a little generic now, but it's a step in generally the right direction. Had I these parts, I'd also shift the wings farther back, eliminate that ugly rudder, put some proper forward sponsons on for the hurricane bolters and missiles, and--oh hell.  
Alright, gang. I'll make you a deal. If I get the design job I just interviewed for, I'll celebrate by getting a SR kit and this spacer from Chapterhouse, or just make the whole shebang from scratch Klaus-style. God, that little nose gun bothers me, now, and that horn thing still needs to go. I wish they'd used those vector mounts on the Valkyrie kit, though.

Their wheeled Chimera kit is pretty nice too. Honestly, I don't know why they didn't go the extra yard and just flesh out a full wheeled tank kit. For $13.50 I could plasticard out the rest and have  cheap wheeled APC ready to go.  Chapterhouse does nice work, they just need to not be so fucking stupid with their naming conventions to the point of getting sued. GW has the cash to litigate you into the stone age,  and you go and do something like bandy their copyrighted material about? You're not fanboys anymore, you're business men. Show some smarts and do it right. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Commissions: Dark Eldar Fighter

You'll recall seing WIP pics of this before Mecha Month started. When the client ordered a set of keel blades and other knifey bits from the Raider sprue, they really brought the model together. I'm only sorry weren't any good bits to use as missiles, but oh well. It has a really sleek, pod-fighter feel to it, now. 

Did I mention how awesome Dragon Forge flight bases are? Because they're awesome. All I had to do was stick a rare earth magnet in there to secure the fighter, and away we go. I may have to start on an air force for my AdMech army.

The Eldar Falcon was hell to cut apart, and even worse to trim down with all those curilinear surfaces. One of the ideas I'd had was to mate the two halves together and make a delta-wing style craft, but the thing looked too much like a Jedi Starfighter, and this one has a lot more of a mean, weaponised look to it, while keeping the lines of a racer. Those keel blades really set off the design, though, especially the rudders on the main drives:

There's also a set of large blades underneath, coming off of the nacelles, which the craft sits on when it lands. Yes, they'd dig into soft ground and sink the whole craft, but what the hey, the thing probably moors in a claw at Comorrach, and they probably never land when on a raid. You can see them better in the front-on pic: 

Yes, the thing ended up looking a little like the Batwing. Somehow that's more acceptable to me than the Jedi Fighter. Looking at those underside blades,  I'm sure the crazy-ass pilot goes skimming along through crowds at ground level, too. Of course, you're risking getting the fighter caught on, say, a tank, but no one accused the Dark Eldar of being safety nuts. 

Arguably, you wouldn't need big blade rudders when you have thrust-vectoring flaps on your engine nozzles, but they really unite the design and tie it in to the rest of the Dark Eldar fleet. Plus, without them the ship's a little control surface-light, and I wanted it to feel really nimble. 

He got a box of Kaballites, too, and some Wyches and Incubi to round things out. I wish I could have spent some time to take detailed pictures of them, but I finished them on game night, and had just spray-enamelled them before getting ready to meet the client there. 

I really love the new Wych sprue. They're really excellent sculpts for plastics, although those one-legged running poses are really, really fragile. I can see them breaking off in the transport case, but luckily, that's not my problem. Some of their weapons are a little too frail too, such as the chain-like razor flail mini. Again, it looks nice, but how long can it last being transported around? I guess it's good that he does a lot of hosting and not many away games. 

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Commissions: Dark Eldar, Part I

Since April is going to be Mecha Month here on M3, I thought I'd get the non-mechanical part of the latest commission job out of the way. You'll recall the WIP Razorwing I posted earlier; these are the rest of the Eldar models who were turned to the dark side. Well, minus the Talos. He's coming next time to kick off the heavy metal festivities. 

The above Haemonculous started out as an old Warlock model, and has undergone some body modding, as they apparently do in the rape pits of Commorragh (or however you spell it). If you'd asked me to build one from scratch, I probably would've used more Daemon and mutant parts, but these are meant to be from his bits stores, not mine. Is he floating, or is that an actual pole up his ass? Only Mat Ward knows for sure.

The Wyches were the real labor-intensive part of this package. Sawing the heads off of a bunch of Banshees was a royal pain in the ass, and they're considerably overdressed as Wyches go. The client had limited leftover parts from his old boxed set (hence some of the fugly crone faces), but I think they manage to pull off the evil murder-hooker look convincingly. I probably should have given the helmeted ones Cobra masks, too, but oh well. According to the fluff DE are hundreds of years old and drink other peoples' emotions (really? They're anti-Care Bears?) , so they're bound to be a little nasty looking. 

The upswept dreadlocks on the Scourges were a last-minute decision which ended up working out, visually. On the prototype I sculpted these long, trailing things, but they ended up victims of gravity that would've required an armature to stay right. The compromise was using the elongated heads of the Swooping Hawks as makeshift forms, and playing off the rather gothic-looking grill-masks.  Presumably the actual Scourge model will look a lot more predatory, as they're also body-mod freaks, and not Eldar pussies in winged armor. 

Lastly, another crop of 20 Sybarites to make up the body count on the battlefield. I spread out the remainder of the old-style DE parts as best I could, and avoided using the standard Eldar fiddly bits. This brings his total of DE warriors up to 40, so presumably he'll focus on the other parts of the army list for his buying decisions instead of more Sybarite models. More's the pity, because I wanted to work on some of the new plastics, but oh well. 

Coming up: The Talos, Jetbikes, and Venom.

Monday, February 28, 2011

More Commissions: Tyranids

Just a quick post to show some more commission work (and to get us through post #99): Tyranid Warriors, along with angry little cohorts, the Ripper Swarm. I'll bet from that last post you were expecting more Dark Eldar, weren't you? Well, check back at or around post #101.

I both did and didn't want to go all out and make their weapons pulpy, squishy organs of death, because I felt it might detract from the overall model. Being as how they are the aforementioned organs, I did my best to make them pulpy/squishy without going completely overboard. I wanted them to have appear more hard with the membrane at the end, sort of like a... well never mind. 

I was sorely tempted to leave them eyeless, like the Xenomorphs from Aliens, but with the lighter Hive Fleet Leviathan paint scheme, it just wouldn't have worked out. Plus, I needed to stick to the conventions I'd already previously established with his Genestealers and Gaunts. One thing I changed, though, was not weathering their chitinous plates up to white; that made the Gaunts look too speckled and dirty, and their masters have a cleaner, more refined look (although I still couldn't exactly see them preening themselves like birds). 

As with all newer-version GW models, these do have their expressive qualities, although I'm still quite alright with the inorganic approach I took to my own. 

I don't know why, but I quite enjoyed painting these little bastards more so than their larger fellows. There's just something about a swarm of little minis on a larger base... I suppose it's because it's a bit to a diorama than just an individual mini. Oh well. 

Next time, the 100th post! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Commissions: Angels of Flame Wrap-Up.

A short post today, wrapping up the rest of the Angels of Flame commission work whilst I grind away at the Dark Eldar on my painting bench; and I do mean grind, as there's a fair amount of it involved in making the Craftworld French look more like their evil kin. As far as list-building goes, I keep advising my client to get himself some Rhinos/Razorbacks to safely taxi his troops around. We played a 1000-point battle last week, his SM vs my IG, and I virtually exterminated all of his units while only suffering damage to my Demolisher (immobilized) and Vendetta-mounted squad foolish enough to think they could take on 5 marines. In addition, I had two objectives held and one contested to his one and one. It was only his second game ever, and I tried to teach as much as I could, turn by turn. Hopefully my lessons on movement and target priority sunk in. 

As the LR kit he'd bought was a Chaos one, there were  lots of useful bits left over, such as the combi-flamer bit that made it onto this secondhand Landspeeder. It came to him with the sensor spine sheared off, so filed away the frayed parts of the nub and turned it into a sensor optic. 

The bikes also came to him secondhand, and were painted all kinds of garish in thick as hell paint; a bath in some Simple Green solved that problem, but I prefer to paint bikes largely unassembled. They're just too fiddly to properly detail otherwise. Luckily the riders were separate, having come as bits from his LR/bit box purchase. There are still LR hull sections in there that I want to turn into a Stormraven for him, but he's rather resistant to the idea. Hopefully the DE Razorwing conversion will warm him to the wonders of the shop. 

Being that this was the first Dev box I've ever worked on, I must say I think it's quite a good deal. With a few extra leg/torso bits, you get enough to make fully two squads of Devs, albeit with only one Signum pack for a sergeant. Thus, I had to improvise with a tank bit and an ammo hopper. Even so, there were tons of fiddly bits left over (including servo skulls). 

I shot them separately because we had to wait for extra robot pants to come in for assembly, so they were finished a while after their charges. While wish he'd stick to one army until it's built out, I am glad of the color palette switch that the Dark Eldar bring, and it's such a cool army that it's been a real pleasure to work on.  At the same time, working on these guys has been a valuable experience because it's exposing me to kits that I'd otherwise not had the chance to work on, if at all. Hopefully it'll continue to deliver. 

Till next time, Happy Thursday, people.