Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Halfway through the factory....

Now all he needs is some armor, and I'm torn between Mechanicus red and Freeblade something else. 

And I'm in search of a new blog template, because this thing needs a facelift. So, if anyone sees anything cool, do point it out. 

Happy Wednesday, people. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Time for a little X-Wing....

This Falcon, after much cutting and scrapingwas lit using Poweredplay Gaming's lighting products, which, true to their word, are easy to mess around with and install. If I have a complaint, it's that they don't (yet) have a coin-battery cell that fits into FFG's Slave-1

Cringe-inducing, isn't it? There's enough room in there for the board and switch, but the big honking 9v cell just won't fit. Not to worry, though; I found some on Amazon, complete with wiring, which will hopefully fill the bill. The FFG ships are made of a resilient plastic with the right amount of form-holding bendability, so once I took the battery out and clamped the bottom plate back in place, she looked like she'd just come out of the box. The Falcon's rear plate clamps back on its little peg quite snugly as well, without the need for magnets. I honestly wish FFG would come out with a hobby series of unpainted ships on sprues, but oh well. They pull apart easily enough if you're determined (and bold), but do be careful. 

My foray into X-Wing also marked my first Shapeways order, which resulted in this: 

Better pics to follow, I promise. FFG neglected to package a senatorial shuttle with its starter set, probably because it would've been huge. Nonetheless, you too can buy one from Shapeways, no doubt incurring the wrath of Disney/Lucas/FFG if you do. I honestly have no idea how those brave sculptor/sellers haven't been hit with a cease-and-desist yet, but wow, talk about having great big pirate balls. 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Just when you thought the Tyracrons were done....

"Bring me that fellow's head. I'll be taking my tea in the parlour."

In the spirit of taking my ideas back from Forge World, I decided to make a couple of nasty death machines to fill out my gleaming multi-legged horde. You'll be delighted to know that you too, can have a metal centipede for the mere price of three sets of Wraith legs and three sets of Wraith bodies (and a smattering of other bits). 

My first foray was this scuttling fellow, the rather underarmed Tomb Stalker. The real thing costs you about twice as much as the parts I found on eBay ($36 all told for the legs and bodies). I had the Necron arms, and the basis for the head plating was from a Warmachine Cryx model, although you could use anything suitably knobby enough (or, if you're feeling flush, a Spider or Wraith head). I can't imagine why FW thought a pair of infantry guns was a good idea instead of, say, the better Heat Ray, Death Ray, or a Storm Cryptek haywire thingie. And, to keep with the fluff, it needs to be able to assault from DS/reserves. (as do most Tyranids, who also don't, correct me if I'm wrong). At least the toughness is there, although they also nerfed the number of attacks from the prototype. Oh well. 

He's super bloody long. I mean really long. Plus, I ran out of legs for the back section, which is why I was forced to use Necron Warrior arms. As a result, he has this sort of lobster tail ending in a Tomb Spider claw:

While the pose is alright, he's less than as serpentine as I wanted, and I realized too late that I should've built him along a wire spine. Nonetheless, he came out so well that I ordered up parts for another one....

Despite having fewer CC attacks, he manages to come off looking like more of a close combat monster than the first one. He also has a nice steel spine courtesy of a wire coat hanger, so his pose is far more bendy-twisty:

Not to mention the excellent posture that a spine brings. I also ordered a set of Tomb Spider legs, which brought the price up to.... within $20 of the FW kit. Still cheaper than you FW, so sorry. I like mine better as well. He's brawnier, has glowy bits and nasty claws, and doesn't have those stupid looking antennae. I was less lazy with the basing, too, due to my having rediscovered a container full of skulls from my undead Skaven army build. 

Still short enough to get some cover, too, but tall enough to lay into a Leman Russ with that otherwise useless strength-test cannon. Wait a minute, the Necrons are doing something better than the Tyranids here? Put him in a list with Mad Doc Grotsnikk and you can give him a Cybork body with a 5+ inv save to go along with It Will Not Die. 

Except when someone shoots their entire army at it, It Will Die, but oh, he's one hell of a distraction. Advance him behind an Ork Boyz screen and he'll get there, alright. Hm....

Someone doesn't quite understand who's in charge here. Can you guess whom?

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Ultramarines A-3 Aggressor....

Playing FFG's fantastic X-Wing game got me thinking about fighters, so with the itch to build one firmly in place I set about making some air support for the Ultramarines. Of course, currently the only air support around that's strictly Astartes is the Storm Raven/Raptor, Thunderhawk, and the reprehensible Storm Talon. Oh well. At least we can fix an otherwise awful kit a bit, can't we? Hence the Aggressor, my nod to the modern-day A-6 and A-10. After all, the Marines can use all the ground-attack support they can get. 

As you can see, the Aggressor (Storm Aggressor? That sounds rather awkward)  is long. Long enough, in fact, to be by far more believable than its ugly little parent kit. At an early point in its construction, I despaired somewhat, thinking it too long, but once it got bulked out a bit and painted up, I was rather pleased with the end result. Lop off those wings, and it's even a passable gunship. Yes, it's sporting six missiles courtesy of my Valkyrie squadron. It looks better with them, and plenty of other Imperial Navy fighters sport bomb/missile loadouts, so I figured why not? 

Of course, everything is magnetized for storage and swapping purposes. I may never get around to all of the Storm Talon options, but if you've ever seen the stats for a Thunderbolt, this thing might be picking up those guns to serve as a substitute. It's also fun to swap in other magnetized weapon options, such as Valkyrie missile pods and Vendetta lasers. 

One thing I neglected to model, and shame on me, were the landing gear. Logically, they'd extend out of the wing pods, or slightly further in where those lascannons are, and from midway back down the fuselage. 

Of course, it can still go into hover mode, for when I want it to loiter about the battlefield and get shot at. 

These updates are going to go rather back to front, since this place was finished after some Crypteks and a couple of Tomb Stalkers, but oh well....

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Enter a competition, win an airbrush compressor.... (UPDATE)

Because everyone likes free things, you should head on over to Air Supplies dot Co dot UK and post a link to your favorite model, because they're hosting a competition whereby you can win one of these contraptions. Airbrush compressors aren't cheap by any means, so take the opportunity to try for a free one, gang. Entries close on the 31s of Jan.

I've been busy these months, but there is painted stuff coming soon, I swear.


Yes, the competition is over and done by now, won by someone who entered an entire battlefield, apparently.  Nip over and take a look at the entrants. Lots of pretty things to see there.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fixing Centurions....

They're not a terrible idea, just not a great one. Really, their role is filled, and better, by other units in the codex. Make that codexes, because there are allies and Escalation and pretty much all bets are off.

But this is not a rules blog, it's a modeling blog, and the models are awful.

So, as I take pictures of the latest raft of models to join my Necrons and Ultramarines, I've been thinking about them, and have basically whittled down the choices to two:

Choice the Firste: they're giant powered suits, more akin to a landmate than an actual Astartes suit. This necessitates a new look for the model along the lines of the SM aesthetic, ie "building out" the existing Centurion model with in-proportion arms and legs. Basically, a custom that looks more like the actual artwork.

Choice the Seconde: they're Terminator armor fitted with heavy weapons (and support hydraulics for them) I don't mind this option, because Terminators have been a viable heavy weapon platform (albeit a fragile one) from the get-go.

Choice the Thirde: is, of course, to move on to another project such as... shit, I dunno, an Outrider for the X-wing miniatures game.

Any thoughts, folks?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

What can I say? I'm a leg man....

Large centipedes freak me out whenever I see them scuttling around. Somehow, I don't mind this one, especially since I intend to crash him into some nice, squishy Eldar/orks/whatever.

Happy Sunday, people....

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Factory's open again....

Well, really, the factory never closed, but I took a break from doing things for a while, an when I felt like it again, I opened up some new projects. The Necron army still needs some bits and bobs, so I finished a second Triarch stalker kit and started on another Grievous-sized general. Up there's his rifle/scythe. If you seen the new Apocalypse doorstop book, you know how cool the new C'tan are, so there you go. Of course, I've played exactly one Apoc battle since it first came out, so this fellow might end up being a Hive Tyrant long before ascending to godhood. 

The other WIP is a gaggle of Crypteks. I already have two prototypes paint, so there'll be a total of ten. I figured I'd do one or two of each discipline (there are ten) with glowy staves that color-coordinate to each. I'm still on the fence as to whether to convert up some orks to hold objectives for me. Might have to sell off a fantasy army to justify that first.

As to other projects down the line we'll see. I do sort of want an Avenger fighter to run interference for my Vendettas, but on the other hand it might be nice to have two gunships supporting the marines instead of just the one...

Happy Sunday, people. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

A Blast from the Past...

Some clever chap made a posable Atlas model from the new in-game models using a 3D printer. More here. 

I'm not going to bore you with wistful talk of it being a brave new day for the medium. Just that I'm taking a hard look at saving for a 3D printer, and which 3D package for the Mac maps best to my 3DS skills. 

Cuz, you know, I like making cool things. 

On a related note, Battletech was what got me into minis and wargaming in the first place, and, strangely, I sold off 98% of my large collection of 200+ mechs before I started this blog, because I was unemployed and hadn't played Battletech for years. Who knew a $5 lead Marauder went for $18 these days? I had 3 Atlases, but never actually fielded them all at once.  Probably would've been fun to, though. 

Anyway this feels like something coming full circle somehow. 

Happy Monday, people. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Paint Stripping Question....

Anyone know of a reliable, safe way to strip paint from soft (well, softer than, say, a model) plastic? Please post in comments.