Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mmm.... Minty.

Remember the old Judge Dredd film? With Stallone? The one that was complete shit because it was written and directed by people that hated the character? Well, wash your memory out with this:

Someone's making a fan film, and the teaser vid looks really, really, good. More about it (along with the video) here.

Now, by "fan film", you'd think it was two guys with a video camera and a copy of Premiere pro. Uh-uh. From the blog, it's an involved, full-blown production; greenscreening, location shoots, the works. See that Lawmaster? Wait till you see it in motion. 

And here I am, working from my kitchen. 

Stupid universe....

1 comment:

Da_Sub said...

stupid universe indeed.
I second this opinion.