Thursday, January 26, 2012

Commissions: Catching up....

The reason for all the slow posting lately is that in between all the Necron stuff, I've also been deluged with commissions. Client X and a friend of his got into Warmachine, so some of that stuff came my way in the form of not one, but three of these squad boxes (in addition to some 40k stuff). I gotta say, if (and some say when) I ever dump 40k, the PP folks might be pulling in some of the money from my eBay sales. At this stage, if I had to pick a faction, it'd be Khador, too. Heavy armor, big guns, axes and Russian babes? Man, these people have my number. 

I have this lady in metal, and I must say, I'd rather have metal character minis than plastic any day. While the plast that PP is using holds detail well, in this small size it seems rather, well... flimsy. I'd fear for her outstretched right arm and that long war pick in the long run. On the plus side, there is a certain amount of elasticity to this stuff, so the figures may prove to be quite hardy. They certainly glue securely, and quickly; there were no "is it or isn't it?" moments like you'd expect to have for bonding pewter components. 

When you look at a few of them all standing in the same place, yes, Warjacks all look the same. On the one hand, there's definitely something to be said for adhering to a design aesthetic; there's no mistaking a Warjack for a Dreadnought, or a Votoms, or a Battlemech or anything else. Realistically, of course, those tiny legs and hips could never support that enormous orb of a torso, but oh well. I did my best to re-pose this thing and its brother from their static setup to something more dynamic, and found the hip joints to be agreeable pliable without snapping clear, which, again, is a plus of this grade of plastic. 

I'm all for big cannons. I am. However, the muzzle on that Destroyer is just to big and chummy to be believed. look at that thing; it's like the drum of  a cement mixer or something! There's something to be said for layered plates of heavy armor, which is a look the Warmachine artists pull off admirably, but come ON. 

There was a Razorback kit to do, too, and since I was working in red, it went rather quickly. WM players, take note: if you're looking to switch into 40k, your warjacks would make excellent Dreadnaughts, so save yourself some cash.

Still to come: Dark Eldar, more Warmachine, a mk2 Vendetta,  and a magnetized Ghost/Doomsday Ark. 


Mordian7th said...

Looking good! I've always liked the Warmachine character models and have used quite a few of them for our Rogue Trader RPG. I agree with you that I prefer my characters in metal as well - keep up the great work!

GundamFanForever said...

I was wondering when you were going to post again. I was happy to read the update. Nice models too. Keep up the good work. You have my support