Sunday, July 1, 2012

Triarch Stalkers or Is that a Heat Ray in Your Pocket, or Are You Just Glad to See Me?

Like the Ghost Ark, the Triarch Stalker is a real mixed bag of pain and pleasure. On the one hand, he's a handy little spider-tank with a melta gun--

"A MELTA gun? For Xenos you say?"

Oh yes. He can even stabby-stabby a tank with those wicked not-Dred CCS forelegs of his. Why, he'd almost be perfect except for the incredibly stupid open-topped design philosophy the Necrons apparently have now. Oh, and is that gun a turret? We aren't told. It could be. 

Now, if you had illusions of Defiler-like posable legs, keep dreaming. Only those great forelegs have the barest lip service in terms of hinges. The thing is a dream to assemble.... mostly. Yet again, we're being punished by complexity. Complexity which looks amazing when it's painted and together, but... 

Damn, I forgot to color-balance that photo. Oh well. See that little howdah on top? It doesn't quite synch up if you're building the thing in subassemblies, so while I can take him apart and store him in two easy sections, it's held on there mainly by tension and hope. And yet again, we're treated to a pilot that's broken down all the way to separate legs, and neck . Not a lot of places for anything but the smallest magnets, either. If the Stalker legs were hinged and folded at every joint (Bandai and many other model makers figured this out twenty years ago, by the way) the little monster would be a snap to store. Otherwise, you have to slot the cockpit next to this fellow: 

What a nasty looking little monster. Why didn't they make a codex entry for some kind of giant jumping spider or something that just ran around and crushed things using the new 6E "monstrous creatures can slam now" rules. (Did I mention how pleased I am with the new Necron line? Because I am. Well, 90%, anyway.). Speaking of bugs, can we cross-utilize a Tervicron as a Triarch Stalker?

Hmm... well, the height's there, but one of these spiders has no cannons to speak of (unless you consider the monocle on the spider head, which you could, I suppose) and the Tervicron just isn't wide enough, either. I suppose, if the other player were forgiving enough?

I leave you with something you've never see (unless you're fielding Necrons): a shot of the thing's shapely backside. Being open-topped, if someone blasts him with a big gun or smacks him around with a big enough stick, the poor fellow's going to go all legs up. Of course, being AV13 this isn't going to happen very quickly, and who knows how long those 3 hull points will last against nasty Eldar lances and hordes of Ork rokkit launchas? It'd last longer if they gave him a pair of CCW's and a secondary gun, that's for sure. Not a perfect design by any means, but better than the Necrons had before, and that's something.

Happy Sunday, folks. 


Son of Dorn said...

I like them :) Fought one with an Ironclad Dreadnought. Danced with me for 2 rounds before I took it down... barely. Was really great to see.

Mordian7th said...

That truly is a thing of beauty - spectacular work! It's a shame that it's not more posable/storable, nevertheless it turned out looking great!

#2501 said...

Thanks! I have another one on the bench; maybe I'll try some kind of joint arrangement with the legs.