Tuesday, October 18, 2016

(X-Wing) The Birthday Flagship...

It's my birthday today, so I took the day off, and look what arrived in the afternoon mail: a  Pelta! I ordered it nearly a month ago. Great timing!

She's even larger than the largest rebel epic ship and a nearly solid hunk of 3D printed material. Detail isn't as high as an FFG model, sadly, but there's enough on there to look good.  Also, she's a Clone Wars era ship, not the Home One mod with the A-Wing bay from Rebels. What I might do is bore into her docking bays and put in base bits so I can dock A-wings and other star fighters.  

The engine sections also hinge open, but the chunk holding them on is verrrrrrry solidly glued on, and I'd be hesitant about digging it off. I had messaged them before about whether they had an unassembled one, but alas, no answer. I'll need to put some basing parts in as well, so I'll be checking Corsec and Litko. 

I wonder if I can finish the rest of the 11 Deathwatch and their Corvus Darkstar before the basing stuff comes?


Lasgunpacker said...

Wow! that is quite a ship, and it looks like it closer to 1/270 scale than the FFG corvette is.

Where is it from?

#2501 said...

I ran across it when I googled "Pelta frigate". A guy from Russia 3D prints and sells them on eBay. His prices are somewhat negotiable. He was asking $250+shipping, and I got him down to $160+, which is a real deal, considering what you're getting.

Lasgunpacker said...

Certainly seems like a good deal for the size of the thing.

And happy birthday!

#2501 said...

Thanks! Can't wait to prime and paint her up!