Wednesday, January 17, 2018

MWO Battlemechs Part IV

With these guys finished I think I'm finally ahead of my Battletech to-do pile. Does that mean back to 40k? That pile is a bit big too, but I don't think I've gotten mecha out of my system quite yet...

The best version of the Firestarter is kitted out pleasingly with lasers and more armor, and is a real menace to mechs of all shapes and sizes because the thing can spring around like a jackrabbit. The model came with a set of extra legs for standing at parade-ground ready; we'll get to how I put those to use in a later post. I cannot get over how great the jump jets this one and the Vindicator are sporting look now. 

The Vindicator also received a much-needed  facelift, including a nice new leg sculpt. (speaking of which, he also came with an alternate "parade ground pair", which we'll come back to later on) If you've never used one, the thing is a deceptively well armored and very, very hardy. In an odd contrast to... well, everything else that has a PPC, this sculpt actually manages to look respectable, so I didn't kit it out with a replacement. 

The Catapult-K drops its LRM racks in favor of PPC's and machineguns. When you set the MG's to rapid fire, they make quite a close-range arsenal in addition to the lasers. This one's another excellent sculpt and a solid little model, and came with all the extras, including LRM battery arms and artillery rocket arms. 

While I like the Dragon sculpt in general the problem I have with the model is that the arms plug up into into sockets on the bottom of the static shoulder. While this gives you a bit of play, as you can see, the thing's mobility isn't as good as it could be. In game of 3025-era B-tech, my friend and I found that mk1 Grand Dragon not only overheats easily, it also blows up quite handily. House Kurita needed to go back to the drawing board pretty quickly with this one. 


Mordian7th said...

Beautifully done, man - Those look fantastic!

Mark said...

Thanks man!