Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tyracron Update: Deathleaper!

This week, another specialty Tyracron: the Deathleaper. That Alien Queen model is the gift that keeps on giving, and her lovely legs were the basis for what turned out to be a fantastic model. I reposed the legs into a sprinting stance, cleaned the lines a bit with green stuff, and anchored them with a brass peg in one stiletto heel. She ain't coming off that base, and she's balanced enough not to tip over:

Since Tyracrons don't have tails (the non-MC ones don't anyway) she has to use her rending claw arms for balance as she vaults along, and probably moves like a gazelle, courtesy of those monstrous Gauss Lances on her other set of arms. They're mounted side-by-side on her shoulders, which makes her sort of a monstrous swiss army knife of metal death. 

Her head is mostly green stuff, combined with a teardrop-shaped metal bit and a plastic Necron head. It's also intentionally not white, as Deathleaper isn't a synapse creature. Since she's a stealth unit, I mixed browns and blacks in with the metallics to keep her overall paint scheme dark. Of course, she probably uses some kind of Necron cloaking device to hide,  since she towers over regular models. 

Those Cryx bits really set the model off, don't they? I had to cut an remount one of the lances onto an opposite assembly from a different arm; lucky for me the upper arm bits were identical. I thought about using Gauss Lances for all my Lictor-based creatures, but decided to give the others the Cryx mecha-talons. After all, Deathleaper's a special girl.

The rending claw arms do have full-length upper arms, they're just bent at a right angle. Most of the metal bits are back over the base's center of gravity, lending the model extra stability. I wanted her forward in an aggressive pose anyway; the GW Deathleaper is just sitting on his haunches and waving at you, which isn't very threatening for something that's supposed to be a horrible assassin-monster. He also isn't leaping, and she is. Take that, GW model-designers.

You perv. You can't stop looking at her ass, can you? The Alien Queen leg bits had these ridge-plates on the outside that, when moved to the inside and welded together via green stuff, made a perfect lower body/hips to go with the Necron Destroyer torso. I had to mold an abdomen plate with green stuff, and reinforced the knees with brass and green stuff as well to  make them even more structural. I toyed with idea of giving her breasts as well, to reinforce the femininity of the model,  but the result would have just looked too silly. 

The photos suggested a turntable anyway, so I thought I'd make a composite. Mass production Necrolictors will probably use recut 'Nid Warrior legs and Warmachine mecha-scythes, but 'Nid Warrior bodies are a little too heavy-duty looking. I might go with a composite of Destroyer upper bodies instead, but time will tell. For now, there are the Harpies to work on, and Tyrannos and Tervies to design and resolve. 

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Mordian7th said...

That is genius. I have been enjoying watching this project evolve and this is my favorite so far - I absolutely agree that the GW model is disappointing, and your take on it is immediately recognizable as a proxy Deathleaper. Nice work!