Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Busy Bee...

Working on a commission this week; someone wanted me to paint up their Battle for Macragge boxed set, so I set to it. Instead of a mainstream chapter, the client picked the Angels of Fire, which he found in some obscure corner of the GW site. The A of F paint scheme is a smoldering crimson decked out with flaming shoulders and no angel iconography to speak of, so that's what I did. During the course of doing ten marines like this, I realized something:


It's annoying, it's time-consuming, and I don't like to do it. Hopefully once he plays the missions in the book a few times, he'll decide he wants to play an army that doesn't go to antique hot rod car shows for its paint jobs. This isn't to say I hate painting actual things on fire, like the ubiquitous banner-pole torches, gaslights, etc, but flame graphics? Yeah, they take as long to painstakingly paint as the entire marine model themselves.

Thankfully I have more latitude with the other bits of the set, namely the Imperial Pilot, the Nids (soon to come in Leviathan colors) and the wreckage. Because the blue coat/white pants fleet look is kinda blah, I instead went with the classic brown/khaki WWII look.  To complete the retro look, the 'Nid samples are safe and sound in those coppery vials and steel case. This mini makes me jones for the old Rogue Trader days when they cranked out character miniatures, not just machine-stamped legions of mass-slaughter, especially considering the demands of a more character driven game like Dark Heresy. I truly wonder how FFG's sales are, given that people at one time were clamoring for some kind of 40k RPG. (oh Inquisitor, you poor bastard stepchild, you don't count, so sorry) . 

Speaking of DH, I might as well feature more Inquistion stuff. You've seen the length and breadth of my IG and SM armies, and quite honestly, Grievous and the Tyracrons are in limbo until I can secure some parts, soooo..... in the coming weeks, get read for a walk on the zealous side of the Imperium.