Monday, June 7, 2010

Commissions, Part 2

As soon as I turned in that batch of Macragge stuff in to the client, he turned around and produced.... the box set that immediately preceded it, namely a box full of Dark Eldar and more Marines (including the ubiquitous Land Speeder). At least these Astartes are the fully posable stock type and not the e-z assembly type for beginners. Personally, though I'd prefer bolters welded to hands, rather than the loose 2-arm battle grip that's always pain in the ass to model (you really just have to eyeball it and hope for the best, I guess) . Oh yeah, now they have a Speeder:

I must say, the angry crimson paint job is growing on me. I skirted the flame job by painting the unit insignia as a flame tongue flanked little BA-style winglets, although easily it could've been those gay hot-rod flames they dared deface Optimus Prime with (damn you, MIchael Bay... ). Speaking of gay, here's 20 Dark Eldar for the Astartes to massacre:

GW's relaunch of them, if the recent codexes are any indication, should be interesting, but I can't bring myself to respect the Eldar in any form. At least their bosses surround themselves with slave girls, Conan-style, and you have to admire that from a badass standpoint. I do like that they have female models on the sprue as well, which you'd think the IG would have (but don't, and more's the pity. Anyway, I modeled one of them with a captured imperial auspex (can you spot him?); maybe he's homing on the other one near these oil drums:

Hey, they give you oil drums and wall sections, so why not? Why would the Dark Eldar want these things anyway? Do they have promethium obsessions like the Tanith First's Brostin (one of my favorite characters, ever, by the way) or maybe it's peanut oil for their restaurant-grade fryers. Hey, the Eldar are hedonists, and deep-fried food is a pretty hedonistic pursuit. Here's another view; I used the wall fragments on the sprue to dress up the objective bits a little:

What happens when the Dark Eldar use those barrels of oil to fry their turduckens outside? You get ruined terrain. Now you know. Good thing they put out tank traps to keep the rifraff. You never can be too sure. 

It turns out he had some Grey Knights, too, and he didn't bite when I made him a "trade for painting fee) offer, so I painted them up for him just the same. I always loved the classice GK models, with their force weapon/bolter hybrids. The new models with gauntlet-mounted bolters just don't have the same gothic look and feel as these do. 

Next week, more TYRACRONS! WOO!


Chumbalaya said...

Nice stuff.

Mordian7th said...

Very nice work all around - I especially like the old-school Grey Knights, I always loved those old sculpts. I look forward to seeing more Tyracrons, too!

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