Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thanks b.smoove!

Recently b.smoove over at A Gentleman's Ones had a design contest for the masthead of his blog. While my entry didn't win, it did place among the finalists:

I debated whether to use stylized pics of his minis (which turned out to be the key to victory), and instead opted for a "gentleman's club" approach. There were a lot of nice entries, and everyone involved had some fun. Good sport that he is, b.smoove rewarded all of the entrants with swag, which was awfully nice of him to do. I got some Necron stuff and a nice t-shirt:

If any of you haven't (you both know who you are) check out his blog yet, head on over to A Gentleman's Ones. I especially recommend his painting tutorials and super-cool kill team campaign. I know I'm not the only one envious of those sweet custom Space Hulk room sections he's using. 

Thanks b.smoove. You're a class act. 

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