Friday, September 24, 2010


Son of a BITCH!

It seems the monster glimpsed in a fuzzy photo wasn't a hoax after all. The Necrons got an old-school D&D Carrion Crawler, and at first glance, it's really rather brutal.  

In contrast to the awful that was the Caestus, this mecha-centipede is actually a pretty well-designed monster (well, as good as mecha-bugs get; those antennae are a bit of a stretch), and would fit in the Tyracron Trygon/Mawloc slot rather nicely (adding a pair or two of scything talons). Not only that,  but unlike the rather underwhelming Scarab and Tomb Spyder bots, this thing can actually hit what it fires at (BS4) and is somewhat of a juggernaut in combat (WS4). Six S6 attacks on the charge from a T7, five-wound creature? That's also fleet, fearless, impervious to sniper weapons and poison, and happens to have hit & run and deep strike? Yes PLEASE.

Now the down side: cost. 195 points is a mighty chunk of change; you can get a trio of Heavy Destroyers for that much (or for 40 points more, a Monolith) and this monster is sure to draw a lot of enemy fire. What's worse is that it's only equipped with Gauss Flayers, which are only good in torrents of, say, twelve, not in pairs. Sure you can rapid-fire them, but they're still just Flayers, not even Blasters. Talk about half-assing it for a monster. For the points, I want something I can smash a tank with, not a pair of popguns to annoy infantry. Oh, and a high strength-thwarting Necrodermis might be nice. 

Come to think of it , if this thing is going to take up a Heavy Support choice, where's the tank-busting Fast Attack gribbly to pick up the slack?

Ooooooh right. 

Anyway, it's a step in the right direction, at least. Hopefully they've abandoned the stupid idea that Necrons rely on giant, slow-moving architecture, and they'll turn out more gribblies along the lines of Mr. Carrion Crawler. Perhaps another mechanized D&D monster? A Beholder? Good ole' Tiamat, maybe?


Papa JJ said...

I thought for sure that earlier picture was a hoax, though I'm happy to be wrong about it. I'm looking forward to seeing how you adapt these guys into your Tyracon army.

Ryan said...

Funny thing was when I first saw this, I immediately thought of your army.

Gyro said...

I'd totally be down with a 'beholder-cron', I'd even switch armies for that!

#2501 said...

@Papa JJ: since the model is probably insanely expensive and I'm poor.... I'll probably just use a Tyracron model.

@ Ryan: I thought of pie. Then my army. ;)

@ Gyro: a man can dream. A man can dream....

suneokun said...

I do like the 'pseudo metallic armour' which nerfs all poison and sniper attacks ... lush. An 'interesting' for 40k, but great fun for APOC, where the necrons are actually pretty good.

Anonymous said...

The tombstalker looks more lie a remorhaz to me, than a carrion crawler.

After that bit of nitpicking, I'll go back to marvelling at your army. :D

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