Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mecha Month: Interrupted for Breaking News

(image is copyright Games Workshop, used without permission)

What happens when I take too long to pump out  a model? Somebody does it for me. 

This ungainly monster is close to what's sitting in my "to-do" bin for my other Tyracron Hive Tyrant. He's severely lacking in Necron parts, sure, but man, is that ever close to what I had envisioned for Ultima Weapon. 

Well, minus the giant cannon. And the utter lack of mechanical parts. 

Then there's this from Privateer Press:

"Booga booga booga!"

Okay, those arms are a little ridiculous. I'm sure the thing is going to cost a mint, too. Good luck pushing that stuff, PP.  Remember their giant freaking cannon and electrical power station kits? How many of those did you see on clearance? I saw quite a few. 

Hopefully, I can show some Rik-Doms Jovian Chronicles stuff before the week ends and Mecha Month is up. These were sort of mecha, but sort of not, sooo....

Anyhoo, happy Wednesday, people. 


Von said...

PP are asking sixty British Pounds Sterling for them, and have just announced an informal expansion for Very Large Games, which naturally brings to mind certain comparisons.

#2501 said...

Yeah, that was bound to happen. I wish I knew someone in this area who played WM or Hordes, just so I could get a taste of what the system is like. Anyone know if their small-format design is conducive to large battles?

And for $94, the damn things had better include a battery pack and LEDs so they light up. I can get a MG 00-Raiser Gundam from HLF for that ($63+shipping) which is not only posable, but has LEDs all over the place.