Sunday, May 1, 2011

GOT HIM!!!!!

What a way to end Mecha Month. I was going to post some last-minute conversions, but fuck that. Osama Bin Laden's fucking dead. I'm only sorry W didn't get him instead of President Do-Nothing. I'm sure he'll appear to claim all the credit for the CIA/Military's hard work soon enou-- son of a GUN there he is, interrupting CSI-Miami. That was quick. 

Oh well, no sense looking a gift horse in the mouth. 

Cue the music, fellas. Drinks are on me. 


CounterFett said...

Yeah. They may never release just how or who got him. So since there's no way to tell, I think we should buy a service person, hell, any service person, a cold one.

An Enemy said...

Thats funny. According to Bush, Osama bin Laden wasn't in Pakistan. Obama was saying he was in Pakistan before he was even elected. Bitter much?

Way to inject partisan poison into a day all Americans should be celebrating.

Commissar Dave said...

I agree mate. But will it change anything in Afgahn? I don't think so. If anything the Taliban will want blood and increase their war against the UK and Britian.

This summer is going to be so hard in Afgahn for both countries I feel.

Anonymous said...

Well with updated like this I may need to stop by more offen.

#2501 said...

@ CounterFett: I agree. First one I see gets a free beer. ;)

@ An Enemy: Were you complaining about "partisan poison" during the eight solid years of Bush bashing by CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, and most of Hollywood in movies, TV shows, on every other blog (even gaming ones) , and across comedy forums in stand-up, animated and HBO? What about when you hear Bush jokes, Palin bashing, Reagan bashing and so on? Do you complain then?

@ Commissar Dave: I agree, killing one of their ideologues only stirs up the hornet's nest, but honestly, were the terrorists ever calm, rational people? Stability has historically and will continue to elude that part of the world, unfortunately. All we can do is turn up the heat against them and keep them on the run and on the defensive. Both the UK and the US need to stay vigilant both inside and outside their own borders, lest the enemy rear their ugly heads and strike at our innocents in their own towns and cities.

SinSynn said...

Funniest update of all the 40k sites....I love that you put his picture upside-down. lol!

And Obama isn't a 'do-nothing.'
He just tries, fails, and then makes endless 'concessions.'

He looked at the people presenting this plan and nodded....
It was ALL him, right?

Gospog said...

Team 6: "We have Bin Laden in our sights, Mr. President. Shall we proceed?"

Obama: "Hmmm..."

Team 6: "I repeat, can we proceed? Is the word given?"

Obama: "Present."

#2501 said...

@Gospog: ROTFL! :D