Saturday, June 25, 2011

WIP: Tyracron Hive/Tyrant Guard and future project thoughts....

Just a quick post today, since Saturdays are for Dark Heresy. These two little monsters flew together last night in a burst of creativity. Since they'll pull double-duty as both Hive and Tyrant guard models, I've magnetized the right shoulder, and am currently figuring out some kind of fiddler-crab style shield arm. Maybe I'll use the arm/shoulder bits from this ungainly monster. Being Hive Guard though, that right arm gun had better be more substantial than a mere Necron Gauss Cannon, so stay tuned. Over all, these guys will make better companions for my forthcoming artillery Hive Tyrant than for Grievous, though.

Grievous had a person bodyguard composed of these fellows, if you'll recall. Hmm.... I wonder how tall these things stand? Time for a trip to the hobby store. 

The Warmachine range tends to be larger and smaller than you'd think it would be, which is a pretty effective optical illusion on their part. From a design standpoint, it makes their mecha seem rather topheavy and slow, and you'd think with that much weight on their tiny little legs, they'd all sink in the mud. Maybe combat in their universe happens on solid rock. I dunno. 

Happy Saturday, people. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Commissions: Their first Rhino....

Blogger is being a shit today, making it extra tricky to upload photos with their widget. Hopefully they'll fix it soon, because it makes things take twice as long. 

Patron X has seen the Mechanized Force light, and has gotten his first Rhino/Razorback for the Angels of Flame. Properly kitted out, the Rhino really is an excellent little model, if a little fragile in the game. 

And why not use the little hunter-killer mount, too? Give that APC a reason to feel good about itself before an enemy model sneezes and blows it up. (Of course, you get the same result if more than one Marine tries to cram his frame inside the thing) I fitted the Razorback turret plate underneath the double hatch, which itself is pretty snug without the need for magnets. So, all he needs to do is pop the top off and voila!

Burly little monster, isn't he? If only they'd designed the Storm Raven as well. Incidentally, have you seen the latest Chapterhouse mod kit? It turns that shitty aircraft into this:

Looks a little generic now, but it's a step in generally the right direction. Had I these parts, I'd also shift the wings farther back, eliminate that ugly rudder, put some proper forward sponsons on for the hurricane bolters and missiles, and--oh hell.  
Alright, gang. I'll make you a deal. If I get the design job I just interviewed for, I'll celebrate by getting a SR kit and this spacer from Chapterhouse, or just make the whole shebang from scratch Klaus-style. God, that little nose gun bothers me, now, and that horn thing still needs to go. I wish they'd used those vector mounts on the Valkyrie kit, though.

Their wheeled Chimera kit is pretty nice too. Honestly, I don't know why they didn't go the extra yard and just flesh out a full wheeled tank kit. For $13.50 I could plasticard out the rest and have  cheap wheeled APC ready to go.  Chapterhouse does nice work, they just need to not be so fucking stupid with their naming conventions to the point of getting sued. GW has the cash to litigate you into the stone age,  and you go and do something like bandy their copyrighted material about? You're not fanboys anymore, you're business men. Show some smarts and do it right. 

Friday, June 17, 2011

I'd watch it.....

I've really got to hand it to the new writing team of Doctor Who this time. The idea of Silurian swordswoman solving crimes in Victorian London is terribly fascinating. I'd much rather see 8-10 episodes of that than another "Oh Fuck The World Is Ending" Torchwood series.  

Also, all the best lines in "A Good Man Goes to War" belong to the Sontaran. 

Happy Friday, people.