Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Heresy Hunter Dominators

So Wargames Exclusive continues to out GW GW, and this economical set of armored inquisitorial sisters is no exception. They're selling for 14.99 euros separately and 34.99 euros as set, so I recommend buying them before WE figures out they're giving a mini away. I've just finished the outer two, having painted the center one as soon as I got it and forgotten about the others until recently. Shame on me, because the other two are excellent as well. 

The detail on these things is just stunning, especially the longsword-toting center girl with her commanding pose. 

The Shieldmaiden gave me real pause until I found how easy she was to drill and pin. That enormous shield and forearm has a socket that's perfect for paperclip pinning, and the light durable resin weighs next to nothing, so it turned out not to be an issue. Of course, I don't plan on transporting her around on a regular basis either. 

I mean, look at that bloody big thing. It's wonderful. If it were cast in glorious metal it would weigh a ton and be an utter pain to keep attached, and I would love it anyway. 

Her backpack, alas, didn't get the same loving treatment as the Swordmaiden's did with its book and purity seal. The sculpting isn't very deep on the =I= and wings, so the paint just sort of sits on it. The pipes align pretty well with the sockets on the legs, however, just as with the other two girls, and didn't require any reshaping. 

Dual-Swords Sister's weapons and their positioning also concerned me until I realized her sculpted base included contact points to support them. If they sold these choppers as bits I have no doubt they'd make their way into many a conversion. 

Here is where the resin fails, however; the pommel of her lefthand one came off. It was more or less easily reattached, however, but I wish they'd sculpted it flush with the top of her hand. On the right you can see the little bit of resin between the top of her gauntlet and the pommel, and that's just enough for the thing to pivot under pressure. Ah well.