Sunday, May 31, 2015

Magos Dominus/Cybernetica

The Mechanicum-related releases of the last few weeks have been satisfying and frustrating, particularly the "one codex, two books" approach they took to the army. While some of my favorite models finally have rules, the makeup of the list is... well, but then I'm not here for list analysis. If you want, I'll pontificate on it at a later date, but it's really not my forte' to begin with. 

So, this fellow. 

It's quite a little boat of equipment he's carrying, and he's absolutely packed with detail. if it's one thing the folks at FW and GW are doing right, it's making the AdMech characters suitably weird and nigh-on alien looking, down to their bizarre conveyances and equally odd weapons. They're absolutely covered in gorgeous detail, right down to all the little sub arms and control panels. 

What I didn't appreciate was that his enormous battle arm was so damn delicate that it required me to give it its own internal skeleton of paper clip, and a pewter pipe besides to stabilize it (and to cover the broken hydraulic piston stub, thanks FW). Really, this part was terribly designed and, while I understand what they were trying to do in terms of asymmetry, they needed to think this out more. But oh well. 

There really is a veritable hive of servo skulls in there; a total of 9 nestled under that great hood, plus one in the little shrine on his back. 

Add to that the two loose ones they give you, and he's his own little squad by himself. I wish it were somehow possible to add lighting, but I settle for making the eyes sufficiently glowy to the naked eye. 

Yes, these detail shots were taken later, so yes, they look different. To be honest, that grey background bugs me, and I need to get a white cloth one. I've just been too lazy to order one. 

The tines were half broken on his weapon, so rather than go through the hassle of requesting others (I bought him off an eBay listing, so it would've meant messaging the seller, etc. etc.) I trimmed them entirely. The thing still looks sufficiently arcane to me. That screen directly in front of him was an absolute pain to paint; I'm amazed it came out as well as it did. 

Now there's rebasing, and more photos, and eventually I'll try to cook up a table worthy list. I see people are coupling the skitarii with Blood Angels so they can use the free drop pods, so maybe some of those Ramshackle Drill pods are in order for the army? I'd really rather have Triaros transports, but oh well. 

Happy Sunday, people.