Sunday, July 14, 2019

Astropolis Technical Crew

 I cannot sing the praises of Lead Adventures enough. They produce minis that are characterful and quirky, and this sort of thing is exactly why I got into painting in the first place. Currently, I'm working my way through the contents of my LE kickstarter box(es) and am doing them by the team, sort of. The latest are these folks, a bunch of technicians and other laborers. 

As you can see, they're just covered in detail. Unfortunately this presents paint coverage problems as well, as there are so may little damn nooks and crannies that... ah well, never mind. 

Chief Technician Jett has a welding rig and beard like Abe Lincoln. I imagine like his daughter he'd be a beast in close combat, but sadly, not a lot of staying power as techs generally don't wear armor. The stern leader of the group, Jett's got a kind heart. 

His daughter Kat was converted from a Kroglogg alien, whose body was perfect to represent a chick in a boiler suit. Her head is from a Rackham Drune Fianna. The few Krogloggs in the set I had little use for, but the other two became conversion fodder and turned out quite nicely. More on that later. While tough and smart, Kat is also guarded and very feminine. She tends to fall for the wrong man all the time, though. Her loader rig packs a tough punch to boot!

The third heavy hitter of the team, Hammers the Cyborg is a lobotomized criminal sentenced to servitude. His crime of theft is a dire one aboard a warp ship where resources are precious, so his punishment was heavy labor while locked in his own mind. Statwise, he's probably the toughest, being over 50% augmetic, and those thunder hammer can flatten a marauding pirate as easily as they can pound a deck plate into place. 

The other lobotomized moron on the team, Smee's mind was completely "sanitized" of all independant thought because he was a child molester. Therefore he needs someone to tell him what to do 24-7, otherwise he'll just stand there and drool to death. 

Deck Officer Mick (to the left) shouts at everybody not because he's an asshole, but because he's nearly deaf from being around loud engines on the flight deck and his helmet has no hearing protection for some reason. Apprentice Technician Jack is reliable, but shifty, and has a penchant for opening locks and solving puzzles, so by default he's the ship's locksmith and fixes things in places other techs won't fit. Shop Steward Spode represents the Technicians and Boiler Workers' Union to the Bridge, athough no one elected him because it doesn't actually exist even though he insists it does. Thus the rest of the crew gets their collective bargaining rights while not really asking for any. It helps that Spode is fair minded and only thinks of his fellow crewmen.