Monday, March 3, 2014

Time for a little X-Wing....

This Falcon, after much cutting and scrapingwas lit using Poweredplay Gaming's lighting products, which, true to their word, are easy to mess around with and install. If I have a complaint, it's that they don't (yet) have a coin-battery cell that fits into FFG's Slave-1

Cringe-inducing, isn't it? There's enough room in there for the board and switch, but the big honking 9v cell just won't fit. Not to worry, though; I found some on Amazon, complete with wiring, which will hopefully fill the bill. The FFG ships are made of a resilient plastic with the right amount of form-holding bendability, so once I took the battery out and clamped the bottom plate back in place, she looked like she'd just come out of the box. The Falcon's rear plate clamps back on its little peg quite snugly as well, without the need for magnets. I honestly wish FFG would come out with a hobby series of unpainted ships on sprues, but oh well. They pull apart easily enough if you're determined (and bold), but do be careful. 

My foray into X-Wing also marked my first Shapeways order, which resulted in this: 

Better pics to follow, I promise. FFG neglected to package a senatorial shuttle with its starter set, probably because it would've been huge. Nonetheless, you too can buy one from Shapeways, no doubt incurring the wrath of Disney/Lucas/FFG if you do. I honestly have no idea how those brave sculptor/sellers haven't been hit with a cease-and-desist yet, but wow, talk about having great big pirate balls.