Sunday, September 29, 2019

Astropolis Enginarium Crew

Another group of Astropolis crew members, this time the the crew of the mighty ship's Enginarium. No starndard GW techpriest here, although I'm looking around for servitors (oh hallo Wargames Exclusive...) to bulk out their numbers a bit. 

Moltar the Rubricational Fluidicist's role may seem minor, but a lot of oiling, fueling, and decanting needs to be done, especially since the engines are the size of office buildings. I need to het some tanker servitors for him somewhere.

 Line Machinist Zeff is probably the most commanding looking of the bunch, although he's not in charge.

Plasma Joiner Beta-Upsilon-7-7 started life as a Kroglogg alien, which I neither needed nor wanted, but like the other Kroglogg he found a new life as a boiler-suited heavy. Festooned with a power fist and a triple-plasma array, he's more than capable of handling himself in a fight. 

One of my favorite models in the series, Chief Coordinator Czenk and his servoskull Czerno see that the things on the engine decks stay in motion, even when monsters and cultists are trying to muck things up. Also the most at ease of the crew at dealing with the Chief Enginemaster and other command staff, due to his professionalism and seeming unflappability in the face of a crisi. Not sure what he'd do in combat; perhaps provide individual buffs and bubble effects to the rest of the team?   

Material Acquisitions Explorator Caldo sweeps the abandoned decks in search of salvage for use on the engines. The Astropolis is so massive and old that it's cannibalizing itself, and Caldo has to be careful not to work something loose that's still connected and running.   

Galvanic Arc Felicitator Heck is inexplicably the most popular among the ladies. Many attribute it to his ability to cook, while others say it's his boyish charm. 

If Conduit Separationist Kohl's not snapping something off, he's beating living shit out of it with a hammer. This brutality belies the fact that he's a talented technician and very adept at micro-circuit rejoining. Does the most work with the upper level tech crews throughout the ship. 

INQ28: Two Hired Guns....

 The Curst wear their sins writ upon their flesh, and undertake various tasks that they might be absolved of them.... 

Hunters come in many shapes and specialties, hailing even from the forge worlds of the Mechanicum.....