Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Mechanicus

No, I'm not dead, just really busy with.... well, things. Including a pre-Heresy Mechanicus army, because they're neat. We're in a time now where people are leaving the game and the hobby for whatever reason, and while times change, you should still do what makes you happy. Making and painting models makes me happy, and that'll never change. reading you blogs and sharing with/hearing from you all also makes me happy, and that'll never change either. 

So, Merry Christmas. 

More? Okay, also, here's this guy's butt. I won him as a prize for a modeling contest ages ago, and made him into this, and only now dug him out of the corner and photographed him. His suspension is courtesy of the bits box, otherwise those legs would've gone straight into that chair, since Hi-Tech didn't sculpt the model with a waist. I wish they'd sell the bits, because that chair would make  a dandy piloting throne for an Imperial Knight, but oh well. Also, if anyone's on the fence about buying from them, I give you the following mini-review:

Sculpting: Decent
Resin Quality: Slightly Crumbly. Not CrapCast, but handle with care. 
Customer Service: They sent me a foot when there was only one in the packaging, and were quick and courteous about it, so that's a plus. 

Season's Greetings, you magnificent bastards.