Monday, June 6, 2016

Deathwatch: Overkill Part II: Genestealer Cult!

I really had a pretty good time painting these. So much so, in fact, they may get turned into an army at a later date. 

Well, maybe. 

With a few limos, more bodies, and so on. Too bad the rules only exist for the specific numbers that you get in the box. Way to plan ahead, GW. 

And yet, you get the makings of what is at least an interesting bunch. You can tell GW has been refining their 3D sculpting technique; there are fewer weird extrusions and generally more complete bodies with these. So, I painted them as a slightly different strain from the Space Hulk grey-bodied variety. From possibility to the little details around the Patriarch's base, these are a definite step up. 

I still miss the old school slovenly one sitting on his throne, however. 

I'd like to think these two argue a lot, since the roughneck pit boss one has little in common with the upper-class magister type. I imagine he'll end up pushing his rival into the digestion pit first, then go off in search of a working shuttle. 

These guys turned out to be some of my faves from the bunch, bless their malformed little hearts. Blending their chitin and flesh together turned out to be a lot of fun, and the end result is pretty striking. Well for me, probably not for you, veteran mutant painter, but I mostly do robes and armor, so it was a neat departure for me. 

I imagine those hammers hurt. Too bad that on the open 40k battlefield they'd get shot to pieces before they managed to do anything, unless you could field them in squads of 10 or so and give them mining trucks to jump out of. Wargames Exclusive does have those neat resin vans, though. Hmmm.....

These guys turned out to be kind of a blast too, once everything started coming together. Still, though, when I go to these other fellows I began to wonder...

Where did all the women of Ghosar Quintus go? Were there breeding pits, or did they die in childbirth, or is there a whole other facet of this army we're not seeing? Did the purestrains just lay eggs, or what?

Also, it occurred to me while working on them that you could combine the factions from this, Space Hulk, and Assassinorum to make an interesting skirmish encounter, but that's a thing for another time.