Monday, June 3, 2013

A Blast from the Past...

Some clever chap made a posable Atlas model from the new in-game models using a 3D printer. More here. 

I'm not going to bore you with wistful talk of it being a brave new day for the medium. Just that I'm taking a hard look at saving for a 3D printer, and which 3D package for the Mac maps best to my 3DS skills. 

Cuz, you know, I like making cool things. 

On a related note, Battletech was what got me into minis and wargaming in the first place, and, strangely, I sold off 98% of my large collection of 200+ mechs before I started this blog, because I was unemployed and hadn't played Battletech for years. Who knew a $5 lead Marauder went for $18 these days? I had 3 Atlases, but never actually fielded them all at once.  Probably would've been fun to, though. 

Anyway this feels like something coming full circle somehow. 

Happy Monday, people.