Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Tower Mechanical...

Somewhere along the way I contracted extensive 40k fatigue, but with October coming along I felt the groove of grim darkness returning, and so made a bits box delve to make this tower. The top centre portion is large enough for snipers to sit comfortably in (well, maybe two snipers, max) and was made to come off, but somewhere during the painting process became welded in place. Prying it apart might ruin things, so I've decided to let it be. Hide your ambush cards elsewhere for the time being. 

With the emphasis being on buildings you can move into and around in 40k and its various sub-games, you see so few that are intact, and that's sort of a shame. There's a sort of grandeur there that, while beautiful in ruin, is sort of missed by not seeing the intact, prewar thing on the tabletop. Ah well.