Saturday, February 17, 2018

WIP: The O.....

So I think all of this mecha stuff is going somewhere. Here's a WIP build of the O from Zeta Gundam, made of Heavy Gear, 40k, Battletech, and other parts. The head is from a Loud Ninja Games kit that has... issues. 

Besides being heavily armored, surprisingly agile, and overpowered, the O carries a massively powerful gun and sports hidden sub-arms (between 2 and six, depending on the artwork). I thought to suggest the upper sub arms from the new artwork with omnimech legs with prominent joints, to show them folded into the shoulder armor. 

As the campaign storyline is set on Mars, the ground-type O has huge tread movement units and boosters in armored housings instead of rear skirts. As I'm using Heavy Gear models instead of (ugh) standard mechs for the most part, this fellow has the characteristic V-Engine. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

WIP: Something for INQ28.....

After taking a break from 40k stuff and working with lots of mecha, the INQ28 Facebook group has inspired me to once again return to the 41st millennium. Haven't decided on a proper name for it yet, or whether it'll be accompanied by an inquisitor or more crazies, but it feels good to work on something like this.