Monday, May 31, 2010

Forces of the Holy Inquisition Part I: God's Motor Pool.

My first 40k army was the Witch Hunters, and man, was that a lesson in pain. You stinking Eldar players with your bright lances, and you goddamn ork players with your rokkit spam, you can rot in hell. Are you being tabled by newer codexes? Good. You get no sympathy from me. My IG army is revenge for all the times my poor girls were crushed by you Xeno bastards. Of course, it was my first codex, and it was a substandard one. Lessons learned. Anyways, on to the sexy models.

My buddy Bryan was moving to CA and gifted me four 1/35 scale M113 kits, which I set to work turning into rides for the SoB. Luckily, you could fit Immolator upgrade sprue bits to them pretty well.  Pillboxes with treads read as Rhinos, despite the fact that they're a bit larger. Having a plethora of other bits, I quickly cobbled together a pair of turrets so they could be used as Chimeras. 

Man, those 1/35 tanks were a treasure trove of bits. I had enough left over to outfit all of those IG tanks you saw months ago, but these things were the seed. I outfitted some hatches so I could use them as Rhinos, too:

And when FW put out the free update PDF to their Imperial Armour books, which were, of course, loaded with stats and points costs (you can keep the pretty photos and volumes of fluff text, FW) I had access to Repressors, which are lovely armed pillboxes. More fire points, built-in dozer blades, storm bolters, AND heavy flamers? Yes PLEASE:

Didn't I say four kits? Yes I did. One of them became an Immolator:

Dunno why they say it can only carry 6 sisters. There's room inside that chassis for plenty of girls, not to mention the driver and so on. We don't need to carve out generator room for Lascannons, ammo space for TLAC's or any of that. We do, however, unwisely store our accelerant tanks on the hull. That should be a no-no, but it looks cool on the model, so we'll let it slide. The last kit became something else entirely:

I might've gone a little overboard. Man, just look at thosee long, long barrels on those twin-linked multi-melta sponsons. Of course, now you can just explain it away as this thing being a Redeemer with Flamestorm cannons (and that one had BETTER make it into the next WH codex, GW. Are you listening? ). I don't if long smoothbore barrels help the range or penetration of a multi-melta any, but they should. Anyways, it makes a nice ride for my Inquistor, and dwarfs a Rhino kit any way you slice it. Oh ,and if you needed proof it's a LR and not just an over-armed Rhino:

Assault ramps! Don't forget your Angelus-pattern M-16 on the way out, trooper. 

Yeah, that's right, your Inquisitor can ram his way into a building, assault out the front, and his loyal followers can breach right through the tank like it's a boarding torpedo. All that, and the heavy bolter turret's line of sight isn't blocked by the door. 

My first Exorcist was a towering, ungainly monster made out of the remains of an old AT-AT kit. Talk about being too tall and imposing for what it did. Check out that twin-linked pintle-mounted grenade launcher. What the hell was I thinking when I did that? I suppose it might make a neat custom command vehicle nowadays. If I could attach some Lascannon sponsons it'd make a cool Land Raider Helios. 

Last came this little fellow, modelled as another Exorcist. Really, I should've had the forethought to mount that missile launcher forward, so I could use the thing as another Immolator/Repressor, too. Oh well. (sharp eyes will notice the missile box is from an old, old G.I. Joe toy) The Sisters have been relegated to a support role for the IG, now. I hope they aren't going to be nerfed too badly by the PDF that's coming out....


Chumbalaya said...


Those are all awesome.

Brent said...

I agree with Chumby, but then I always get a kick out of your stuff.


sonsoftaurus said...

Fantastic vehicles. I especially like the AT-EXorcist.

But my favorite part of the whole post was, "You stinking Eldar players with your bright lances, and you goddamn ork players with your rokkit spam, you can rot in hell. Are you being tabled by newer codexes? Good. You get no sympathy from me." :-)

#2501 said...

Thanks dudes. They were a labor of love, truly. I only wish that they didn't blow up so easily back in 4th ed. Of course, in 5th, a pure WH force is shit vs rokkit/lance spam too. Sisters need heavier armor and better ranged weapons. Honestly, they have everything else, is a missile launcher too much to ask? A lascannon or two?

Man-portable Exorcist launcher? No? Too much?

Alright, fuck, how about some overcharged BA speed Rhinos? An Immo that went 24" and fired its flamers would rock.

Admittedly, I haven't tried the 15-hull Immo Spam list, but to be honest, I'm content with IG weapons teams and sweet, sweet Hydras. Vendettas are lovely too....