Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Forces of the Inquisition Part V: Yes, Mother Superior...

I have never had a Canoness blast through a close combat, Mephiston style. No matter how I kit her out and spend those fate points, it just doesn't end up happening. Maybe it's because mine routinely faced off against steroided-up Ork Warbosses..... Well, what can I say about WH tactica that hasn't already been said ad infinitum? Get her a Book of St. Lucius, a combi-melta, and an Eviscerator (also a good weapon in Dark Heresy) and let her loose. Just don't say I didn't warn you. 

That said, whenever I see a model that makes a good SoB character, I can't resist scooping it up. The above models were a joy to paint up, and I must admit to harboring a secret hope of rolling up a Sororitas in Dark Heresy (mostly because the abilities they get, especially at higher levels, are fucking sweet). 

I wanted to keep Sorscha's hammer, I really did. Unfortunately, it was so bloody long and ungainly the thing would've stressed apart in transport eventually, so I gave her the more hardy pair of matched power swords. The sword hands came courtesy of the Canoness upgrade sprue, which itself was the gift that keeps on giving, as you'll see. 

The Warmachine range continues to deliver sweet minis like you wouldn't believe, and in a lot of cases, you can find them cheaper than those of other ranges (don't worry, Dark Age, you're still my go-to range...). That said, this weapons this one was packing were pretty underwhelming until I added the gauntlet-mounted Eviscerator (hey, it's powered armor, right?). The Warmachine fluff seemed to think she was based around fire, but honestly if she wades through her own infernos that skirt of hers should be a lot shorter and a lot more charred. Of course, it probably shouldn't be any easier for her to dance around with gigantic chainsword,but oh well. 

Her newer (Warmachine) iteration had more of an aggressive pose and a better weapon than just the understated flamey gloves, so I went the extra mile and made her something you should never, ever field (until the next SoB codex comes out and makes them somehow better) : a flying Canoness. I truly regret having not sheared off that long glaive.  As nice as it looks with its forward thrust and purity seal,  the white metal is verrry thin and verrrrry bendy, resulting in her occupying two slots in the miniatures case when she needs to travel. That reliquary on her hip is from the lovely Black Templars sprue, which I highly recommend procuring for your hobby needs if you haven't already. 

Next and final in the series (until they redo the codex and release 5 new miniatures for me to replace with cheaper ones by other manufacturers): Walkers, and I don't just mean Penitent Engines, I mean GUNHEDs.... 

Also, I seem to be getting glare spots with the Lightbox mk. 1, and I just plain can't use it for some of the larger models like I want to, so soon it'll be time for Lightbox mk 2. Suggestions, amateur photogs? I understand Brent has been getting good results with an over-the-counter rig. What say you?

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