Friday, October 8, 2010

Dark Heresy Minis: Season of the Witch

These minis are due in part to the fact that Halloween's a-comin' and I wanted to paint something spooky, and partly due to B.Smoove sending me some Flayed ones I had no idea what to do with. Add to that a Reaper Miniatures Succubus I was too prude to paint at the time (her wings are now part of the Hilda Garde III airship) and a dash of extra bits, and you get this nice witch and her murder servitors. 

Latent psyker/mechanicus-adept/college students should never take their work home, much less handle it after getting out of the shower. That Necron head on her staff plugged itself right into her brain via that cogitator on her back, and now she's out causing mischief in an already turbulent underhive. At first I was going to swathe her in tattered robes, but in the end I left her as-is; she looks more unhinged this way, and really, what would the alien robot brain on the staff care as long as she provided mobility? As a nod to her previous life, I  painted her loincloth with the Mechanicus cog motif. No, this is not the start of a new line of sexy Dark Mechanicus girls. No, I don't know what that key goes to. 

Witches need familiars and servants to carry around their spellbooks and whatnot, and this little guy was already in the pipeline to be a weapon loader (it's a short hop from lugging ammo bins to lugging arcane tomes, and the hours are better anyway). He started life as a robed skeleton and got a heavy green stuff cowl and some mismatched mechanical arms from my ever-dwindling supply of Battlemech bits. Those books and things are from the new plastic Flagellant sprue. 

Flayed Ones I've only used once in a Necron army, and while they're good for seeing off a small squad of low-leadership troops, they're pretty much a useless one-trick pony (now, if they could emerge and assault in the same turn, that would be worth something). The two B.Smoove sent as a reward for his logo contest were a nice gesture, so I decided to turn them into Murder Servitors, and dressed them up with green stuff, plastic chains, and the skulls of their victims. They already have scraps of flesh clinging to their limbs anyway, so furthering the illusion that they were rags with more green stuff made sense. I almost put human heads on them so as to make them viable generic evil henchmen, but decided against it at the last minute.

To provide some differentiation, the second Murder Servitor has a Wraith surgical bit. Originally the Witch was going to have it and a set of claws on mechadendrites, but she became so full of cables and things anyway it would have made the model too cluttered, not to mention un-transportable to/from gaming sessions. 

Lastly, as a treat for staying with me this far, here's a taste of what's next in the pipeline:

More commissions, please. They pay for Tyrannocrons, like this one (of three).


Messanger of Death said...

The Flayed Ones as Murder Servitors is brilliant. That clever conversion has been stored in my brain.


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