Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dangerous Territory....

I've been a busy bee lately, what with family/work and all, and then my Angels of Fire client surfaces with a box of new models to paint. Once the Ironclad, Terminators, Librarian, Chaplain, and Assault Marines are finished, I'll post pics of them in all their smouldering glory.

Then he breaks out this box of goodies:

Him: "Do you think you could use these to make me a Storm Raven?"
Me: "You're going to need a few more parts..."

So apparently on the heels of that last controversial post, I'm going to birth a gunship. My own idea for the famously ugly ship was shaping up to look more like this:  (Image is copyright Lucasarts, used without permission) 

But now it looks like we'll be doing the Land Raider/Valkyrie hybrid, which is pretty much what the internet agreed the thing would look like anyway. (GW tried for an "official" kit, but we already covered that, didn't we?) There is hope for the above look, however, as it rings every bell for me except for the "front assault ramp" one. (and that nose is a little far from the Space marine aesthetic; for that matter, so are the boxy engines) I love the idea of a wing/engine cluster hybrid aspect; it solves a lot of design problems for me. For me, it gives me a use for that Tau Hammerhead that's just been lying around.

Sorry, Hammerhead, your days in one piece are numbered. It's a far, far better place you go to, though. 

The other ask is, of course, that it fits a Dreadnaught. I'm going to do my best to make the thing wide as hell so it fits one internally, lying down; that way, all you do is drop the rear ramp and he slides out and stands up.  Personally, I think it'd be scary as hell to see one come running down the front ramp at you, but then the maw would be so gaping as to be Thunderhawk-sized. 


AbusePuppy said...

I always pictured the Dreadnought held on with a set of external magnetic grapples or somesuch, not actually inside the vehicle. Could work, though.

#2501 said...

So it says in the book, but when the dropship goes through re-entry, the fleshy bits inside are going to fry (not to mention a lot of those exposed components). I know Dreads are tough, but they're not that tough.

#2501 said...

The fleshy bits inside the Dreadnaught, that is.

suneokun said...

What about a drop-shield around the Dreadnought ... shields up etc. Nothing to say that 'reentry shields' aren't widely used?

#2501 said...

Hmmmm... that's not a bad idea. I could just magnet it it to the bottom.