Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Something Good, Something Bad.

In light of GW's recent raft of eyeball rape, I thought I'd give you something to wash your orbs out with. 

First off, I haven't posted for a while because I've been in the midst of a family medical crisis. My Dad's health took a turn for the worse recently and things have been pretty stressful. He's home now, and back on his feet, but man, it's been a rough patch. 

Anyhow the above picture and below pictures are from leechambers' Black Library blog where he's been posting all manner of Dawn of War models, as well as his own miniatures. As a light V/STOL aircraft, it hits all the design buckets for me:

As you can see, the thing's absolutely covered with thrusters, boasting enough verniers (a Gundam term for little vectoring rockets) to do... well, just about anything in midair, as well as enough hull to carry both 12 marines and a Dread comfortably. Sure, it looks more like a C-130 than an AH-64, but hey, it's a believable, well-designed transatmospheric craft. More pics and a sexy little video turntable at the link. Go ahead and click through. 

Okay, now steel yourself. 


Now, look at the Airbus AssMaster:

(image is copyright, Games Workshop, used without permission)

You can just hear the sad trombone in your brain, can't you? 


Now scroll back up to the top and look at that burly hunk of aircraft. That's a solid design you can charge people for. I'd pony up $66 for that easy. But the GW one? Ehhhhh...

I will give GW this: the sprues, as always, are a wealth of nice bits.

(image is copyright, Games Workshop, used without permission)

Like I said before, there's a lot you can do with this kit. Just looking at the sprues make my fingers itch.The finished model is absolute shit, but the kit itself has a lot of nice conversion potential in it. You could even build, oh, say, a better looking Storm Raven. 

But $66? Yeah, I'll..... stick with plasticard and a well-stocked bits box, thanks. 


Max said...

It seems like even if you just threw on an extra set of thrusters, change the gunner pod into just a turret and elongate it a bit it would be much better. Maybe it's a secret ploy to get people to buy two kits?

#2501 said...

I think you may have something there. Like I said in the previous rant-y post, it fits the Space Marine aesthetic, it's just too darn small.

The turret honestly needs to be a chin turret. The thing isn't a big bomber like the Marauder, nor is it a ground pounding tank, so there's no good design reason for it to have a dorsal turret in the first place. Also, those Lascannons are for ground attack, which means to lance a tank with them from the air you'd have to pitch and yaw it this way and that. A good industrial designer would understand that and design accordingly.

Also, those weensy little hurricane bolters replace the side doors, depriving you of an access point when the rules clearly say it ain't so.

Da Masta Cheef said...

Okay so what if its the Volkswagon bug of the Thunderhawk world....

Ya know it looks even worse in the side profile shot than it does in any of the other photos I've previously seen!

#2501 said...

lol Yeah, at least the VW bug was cute.

Anonymous said...

oh lawd it looks even worse on the side.

i might get one to make into a fighta-bomma. might.