Thursday, March 31, 2011

Commissions: Dark Eldar, Part I

Since April is going to be Mecha Month here on M3, I thought I'd get the non-mechanical part of the latest commission job out of the way. You'll recall the WIP Razorwing I posted earlier; these are the rest of the Eldar models who were turned to the dark side. Well, minus the Talos. He's coming next time to kick off the heavy metal festivities. 

The above Haemonculous started out as an old Warlock model, and has undergone some body modding, as they apparently do in the rape pits of Commorragh (or however you spell it). If you'd asked me to build one from scratch, I probably would've used more Daemon and mutant parts, but these are meant to be from his bits stores, not mine. Is he floating, or is that an actual pole up his ass? Only Mat Ward knows for sure.

The Wyches were the real labor-intensive part of this package. Sawing the heads off of a bunch of Banshees was a royal pain in the ass, and they're considerably overdressed as Wyches go. The client had limited leftover parts from his old boxed set (hence some of the fugly crone faces), but I think they manage to pull off the evil murder-hooker look convincingly. I probably should have given the helmeted ones Cobra masks, too, but oh well. According to the fluff DE are hundreds of years old and drink other peoples' emotions (really? They're anti-Care Bears?) , so they're bound to be a little nasty looking. 

The upswept dreadlocks on the Scourges were a last-minute decision which ended up working out, visually. On the prototype I sculpted these long, trailing things, but they ended up victims of gravity that would've required an armature to stay right. The compromise was using the elongated heads of the Swooping Hawks as makeshift forms, and playing off the rather gothic-looking grill-masks.  Presumably the actual Scourge model will look a lot more predatory, as they're also body-mod freaks, and not Eldar pussies in winged armor. 

Lastly, another crop of 20 Sybarites to make up the body count on the battlefield. I spread out the remainder of the old-style DE parts as best I could, and avoided using the standard Eldar fiddly bits. This brings his total of DE warriors up to 40, so presumably he'll focus on the other parts of the army list for his buying decisions instead of more Sybarite models. More's the pity, because I wanted to work on some of the new plastics, but oh well. 

Coming up: The Talos, Jetbikes, and Venom.


SinSynn said...


Those bases are nice.

#2501 said...

Haha, well, I did the best with what I had. The client liked them, and he's the one who's going to use them. If he'd retched when he saw them, I would've thrown them in Simple Green and started over.