Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mechanicus Secutor M-Alpha-Rho-8-Omega

With a battle against the Space Marines looming a few weeks ago (during Mecha Month, so yes, I was saving this) , I figured it was time to have a proper Marbo mini. He originally started out as a Tau Pathfinder, and steadily gained bits and green stuff augmentations until he was properly mechanized for field duty. Do the Mechanicus believe in poison? Properly, but I figured a chain sword-bayonette would look a lot more industrial than some knife with poison smeared on it. Aren't Astartes supposed to be able to just gland away poison anyway? Funny how the fluff never makes it into the tabletop game. Similarly, his nasty Exitus pistol had to be a more substantial weapon than your run-of-the-mill sidearm. Sharp eyes will also notice the Vulcan-90 grenades on his belt. 

How did he do on the table? He proved himself quite well, actually. After killing 3 Marines with his demo charge, M-Alpha-Rho-8-Omega charged the remaining two and massacred them, bouncing back into cover after a successful assault. Later on he harassed an HQ squad moving up to flank the main Skitarii advance, slowing them up enough for the troops to torrent them and their transport out of existence. Amazingly, this was one battle that Marbo managed to survive, probably because I had other things that were more threatening. Chimeras full of Skitarii and a Leman Russ Vanquisher with Pask on the main gun tend to attract more attention than one lone psycho. Overall, not a bad shakedown for a new model. 

On a more personal front, yours truly is now an employee of Apple, and will be hawking the their shining personal cogitators and other gifts of the Omnissiah as soon as he inloads their  doctrinal directives.  

Happy Wednesday, people. 


CounterFett said...

Terrific Job on the conversion, and congrats on the new job!

I really like what you did with the name. I didn't catch it until the end of the article. I am s-m-r-t!

Mordian7th said...

Awesome work! I would have never guessed it started as a Tau until you mentioned it. The name is awesome as well, I love little touches like that.

Congrats on the new job as well! Great news!

Lantz said...

Woot! Glad you found a job!

Nice work, digging the bayonet.

James S said...

I love it, and nice work using a Tau model. Sometimes it works to think outside the species box completely.

I have an idea for some night goblin ratlings . . .

Lantz said...

Comment returning from the Blogger outage of 2011 or not, I'm putting my name on this one again:

This guy rocks!

#2501 said...

@ Lantz: no kidding, looks like Blogger had a burp there. I hope it isn't the same bunch of jerks that hacked PSN.

@Mordian: thanks; I love making one-off minis like this that add character to an army.

@CounterFett: thanks! I'm excited about working f/t again. I'm running out of parts to build things out of, not to mention things to eBay to sell the parts. ;)

Gospog said...

Thanks for posting another inspiring conversion!

And congratulations on the job!