Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Model of 2011...

My Christmas present to myself this year was a command barge bought not from eBay, but the local gaming store. As much as I'm against the usurious prices set by GW, the LGS has been struggling like everybody else, and now that I'm gainfully employed, I'm resolved to help out where I can. After all, we're all in this together. 

I realize now I probably should've taken snaps of it alongside a Tyranno, but I'm too lazy to go back and do it now. One barge and a few more Arks from now and the revised army will be ready to take to the battlefield again. When that happens I'll take some photos of them in all their metal glory. As you can see, the theme of the new millennia is the Weathered Penny, which is working out quite well. 

I'm a big fan of extras, so having another lord model (or in this case, an Overlord Phaeron) is never a bad thing. I rather liked the gold-headed fellow on the cover, so this is my stab at him. I cut away that awkward cable that ran from the scythe blade to the power matrix on his staff, though. A plug sticking into the blade just looked odd. He was modeled separately, of course, so he could jump out of the barge and assault the shit out of any survivors of his drive-by. 

Of course, you should never jump out of your barge  and leave the keys in. Anybody could take that thing for a ride, and will. 

Happy New Year, everybody! See you in 2012!


Brian said...

The weathered penny... I love it, and must know how you do it.

Happy new year.

Mark said...

Flip back a post or two, Brian; there's a five-second tutorial in the comments.

Anonymous said...

Nice man.