Sunday, May 6, 2012

Raise the Owlbear of Victory!

At the same time my Stormraven went over the top.... I was at work, I think. But later, I painted this owl bear. Thanks to everybody out there who put me over the top, I really appreciate it, guys. 

Anyhow, these furry, feathery (furthery?) monstrosities plague my D&D group every time we camp out in a forest, so I thought it as time to add one to the minis case. They seem to attack in teams of two or three, so this is probably the first of a few, but the LGS only had one, so. 

Bears are pretty monochrome, but owls have some fantastic patterns and tons of variation in there plumage. I was sorely tempted  to mottle his feathers and make a spotted owl, but wanted to get him done in time for D&D. This two-toned fellow will suffice for now, but the next time, definitely something a little more complex?

 Or, maybe just a snowy white one eating Harry Potter. 

Happy Sunday, people, and thanks again. 


Sjeng said...

If you need more of those, just get a Vampire pledge on the current soon to end Reaper Bones kickstarter!
over 210 miniatures for $100!

This package has an owlbear in t, and you can get extra ones for $3,- each!

#2501 said...

I would, but I already have a case full of fantasy minis for D&D purposes. Good to know, though!