Thursday, June 14, 2012


Should I do 'em? 

Some folks have approached me about reviewing their products. As you know, I tend not to pull any punches, being from the Honesty School of Opinion Writing, so it could be a fun exercise for all concerned. 

This isn't an attempt at filler, either. I have a backlog of photos for posts right now, and an even larger one of pending hobby projects (I hear you, ZOE Vic Viper). 

So what do you think?


Millest said...

if their gonna give you the stuff for free to review then i would say do it (northerness FTW!), if however they want you to spend your money on something that you dont want or need i wouldnt bother as its just boosting their sales.

It seems harch but i generally only tend to review an item if ive bought it myself because i wanted it not and i want to give others heads up or if someone has given me the item to use (not on my 40k blog i must add this is usually work related) but if someone has asked me to buy it for the sole purpose of a review i wont touch it as its all benefit to them.
just some thoughts that i hope make sense!

Dan (nyhil) said...

I am always interested in hearing your opinion. I say go for it.

John said...

do it! your impromptu reviews are hilarious! The Caestus Assault Ram comes to mind instantly... still makes me laugh at how true it is