Monday, August 6, 2012

WIP: Mortarion....

Let's be clear, I hate, hate, hate the Nurgle aesthetic and everything to do with it. However, a Primarch with a big bloody scythe who breathes toxic gas to live is pretty damn cool. Uriel came from Kabuki Miniatures with a big spear and a tiny head, and, having no use for that, I decided to make a Mortarion. 

More to come. 

Happy Monday, people.


Mordian7th said...

Very cool! I like where this is going, for sure - Really dig the Manreaper you've done, and the exhausts and such are a nice touch. Looking forward to seeing more!

Mark said...

Glad you like it! More on the way, for sure. It's always fun to work on a different model like this once in a while. That Manreaper took a lot of bending (that was originally a straight sword from a Rackham dwarf) and even though it's pinned in there, I have real fears about it staying together. Fingers crossed!