Monday, June 3, 2013

A Blast from the Past...

Some clever chap made a posable Atlas model from the new in-game models using a 3D printer. More here. 

I'm not going to bore you with wistful talk of it being a brave new day for the medium. Just that I'm taking a hard look at saving for a 3D printer, and which 3D package for the Mac maps best to my 3DS skills. 

Cuz, you know, I like making cool things. 

On a related note, Battletech was what got me into minis and wargaming in the first place, and, strangely, I sold off 98% of my large collection of 200+ mechs before I started this blog, because I was unemployed and hadn't played Battletech for years. Who knew a $5 lead Marauder went for $18 these days? I had 3 Atlases, but never actually fielded them all at once.  Probably would've been fun to, though. 

Anyway this feels like something coming full circle somehow. 

Happy Monday, people. 


Mordian7th said...

Hah! That is seriously cool! It's amazing how that technology is maturing. We'll be living in the Diamond Age* soon enough...

Thanks for sharing!

*An excellent Neal Stephenson novel that deals with home printing of just about everything and how that effects society

Anonymous said...

Funny... Battle was what brought me into gaming more than two decades ago.

I sold my minis off (350+ Mechs alone) because I had not played in years during the days when FSA and Ral Partha had gone down and before the line was picked up again. I guess it was the best time for that since one could get great prices. The best I got was 140 Euro for a first edition Archer which had cost me 4 Marks (around 2 Euro).

#2501 said...

@Mordian7th: I loved Diamond Age! Yeah, it's amazing how these things parallel. I'd never have thought it when the book came out.

@ DHCwargamesblog: Yeah, all of the mechs (Archer, Warhammer, etc) based on Macross designs went for insanely high prices from my collection. Now I wish I'd held onto at least one Marauder, if not one of each. Oh well. Funny what being unemployed will do to you.