Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fixing Centurions....

They're not a terrible idea, just not a great one. Really, their role is filled, and better, by other units in the codex. Make that codexes, because there are allies and Escalation and pretty much all bets are off.

But this is not a rules blog, it's a modeling blog, and the models are awful.

So, as I take pictures of the latest raft of models to join my Necrons and Ultramarines, I've been thinking about them, and have basically whittled down the choices to two:

Choice the Firste: they're giant powered suits, more akin to a landmate than an actual Astartes suit. This necessitates a new look for the model along the lines of the SM aesthetic, ie "building out" the existing Centurion model with in-proportion arms and legs. Basically, a custom that looks more like the actual artwork.

Choice the Seconde: they're Terminator armor fitted with heavy weapons (and support hydraulics for them) I don't mind this option, because Terminators have been a viable heavy weapon platform (albeit a fragile one) from the get-go.

Choice the Thirde: is, of course, to move on to another project such as... shit, I dunno, an Outrider for the X-wing miniatures game.

Any thoughts, folks?


Cornumortem said...

Couldn't agree more, those centurion models are terrible.

I like the land mate idea, if you could model something along that philosophy it would be amazing; but it would also be a ton of work.

Anonymous said...

I went with Cataphractii terminators with legion rotor cannons to represent the hurricane bolters and had whatever heavy weapons they had mounted on their shoulders.

Mark said...

@ Cornumortem: It would be a ton of work, and larger than the stock models, but ultimately worth it, I think.

@ Anon: yeah, that was going to be what I had in mind for the Terminator route.

Anonymous said...

What I did was use Cataphractii terminators with legion rotary cannons to represent the hurricane bolters and had the heavy weapons mounted on the shoulder pads.