Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th! (Rise of the Black Knight?)

I started working on the metallics of the Knight Lancer with the intention of making the armor parts a split dark green/black (a darker version of the Forgotten Knight). 

Then I noticed this happened. 

Usually we black over this to start the next color, but I'm really digging what's going here. 



Mordian7th said...

I'm digging it - auto-weathering almost! Definitely looking forward to seeing more, I really need to go back and finish my knights, sort of hit a wall painting them.

Good stuff, man! I always love the metal tones you come up with!

Danthulhu said...

Looks good. It has a more natural look to me.
Have you tested it out to see how this weathering technique looks when applied over other colors?

Mark said...

Thanks. The more I do it, the better it gets. I'll post the final model soon.

As for other hues with the same technique, we'll see what the future holds. I wanna say yes, but it has to be the right model.