Saturday, December 3, 2016

X-Wing Flagship WIP's

Yes, my desk is a shambles. Yes, the lighting is terrible. Yes, those are Tau burst cannons acting as anti-ship turrets. 

Yes, those AA guns are from Vanguard miniatures. Yes, they are on the top and bottom of the hinges. 

Yes, she is rather long. Yes, I forgot to put an A-Wing fighter in there for scale. Yes, that is Vash the Stampede in the background.

Yes, she is a bit blotchy; you would be too if you survived a Clone War. Yes, those nubs are life pods.


Frothing Muppet said...

I think that she looks fantastic - the one shot you didnt show though, is there engine glow at the rear?

Mordian7th said...

That thing is a beast! I really dig it!