Friday, January 29, 2010

A Matter of Scale

You'll remember how utterly thrilled I was about the Warmachine Cryx plastics? Well, my overexuberance got the better of me and I ordered 3 of them. The package arrived today, and upon opening, I was crestfallen to behold just how damn SMALL the things are. They are not, as hoped for, the size of Carnifexes. They are the size of Tyranid Warriors, maybe Hive Guards. So, to sum up:

(pictures are copyright Privateer Press and Games Workshop, used without permission)
That is truly how each would look side by side, based on the size of the bases that come with the models.  That little Warjack is incredibly well-detailed for its size, but otherwise, it's far from being as big as I needed it to be. Maybe if I took the torso, mounted it on a Sentinel pelvis with Sentinel legs, and then added a Destroyer hover-skirt (cut in half, with each half glue to the shoulder) to bulk out the body, we might be getting somewhere. I tell you readers, I'm this close to getting a stock Carnifex off of eBay just to be sure of the scale, because this is downright confounding. The thing must be absolutely immense. 

The plus side of this is a wealth of parts. Elsewhere in this blog is a borrowed photo of the smorgasboard that comes with one of these kits. Multiply that by three and you'll get an idea of what I now have to work with. The downside of that is that given their scale, they're suited for Warrior size and little else. Oh, I'm sure I could bulk the thing out as conjectured above, but I doubt that would even but up to the huge-base-overflowing bulk of a Tyrant or 'Fex. 

Is this project scuttled before it begins? Never say die, true believers. Something will cobble itself together yet...


Sinningflesh said...

First off - Love the Blog. It is full of gaming greatness. Your enthusiasm for conversions is refreshing.

I found your Blog while looking for anyone who may have tried/succeeded in converting "Hordes" or "Warmachine" monsters into Tyranid or other WH40K creatures. I am on a crusade to update my son's Hive Fleet's critters & colors. Sadly this economy has me looking for less expensive variations. I am hoping you will have more on their size comparisons as well as some conversions in future posts. .

#2501 said...

First off cheers and welcome! Second, due to the small size of Warmachine warjacks, I've really only used them as parts in concert with other bits. Even the Khado jacks that I have worked with are Dreadnaught sized, and most bulk smaller. From what I have seen of the range, you might want to take a look at the Legion of Everblight monsters (or the Cryx, if you're a fan of robots like me). I don't know any other WM/Hordes players, sadly, so I haven't had the chance to peer at other models in the range firsthand.

As for the future posts, time will tell. I do have a few projects in my stack of stuff that might help, do stay tuned. In the mean time, if there's anything else you want to know, ask away!