Monday, February 1, 2010

Painting O' Green

The snow this weekend allowed me to focus on some commission work; a quartet of Eldar Falcon tanks and a Viper jetbike. Three out of four of them came to me assembled (cockpits and all, damn it) which meant some dicey painting on my part, and all required magnetized turrets. While I was painting them, I couldn't help but think of a certain other twin-fanged monstrosity:

(Heavy Raider is (C) Syfy, used without permission)
You Eldar players had to be thinking it. You know you were.

Here's a view of the Eldar their adversaries are used to seeing: their fast retreating backsides. The ramps on these came to me fused, though the one that was off the sprue is still in openable condition. Honestly, all those tines and things on the turrets are just asking for gravity and mischance to snap them off, so I was extra careful. This thing was a pain in the ass to assemble:

The damn turret chair on this thing had to be assembled around the gunner, which meant painting everything in components and finally, painstakingly, fitting everything around each other and letting gravity and tension do the rest. Fortunately, the glue I use, Super Jet, comes in a little bottle with a tiny neck, so I was able to glue the contact surfaces without fusing the thing together. Models like this make me thing GW has it in for hobbyists.

Next post: more Imperium, I swear.

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