Friday, April 23, 2010

Sometimes, The Things Assemble Themselves.

No pictures this post. Today it's Theatre of the Mind. 

I see things, I put them together. That's this hobby of ours in a nutshell: putting seemingly disparate parts together to make something cool.

Whilst browsing blogs, as you do when you're unemployed like me, I came across this:

You can wear them for hours on end, and even an amateur can run and climb in them. 

Gimme some arm extensions with spinny wrists, lightsabers, a few more bits and bobs, and blammo, you have a Grievous costume. But, why stop there? Go the extra nine yards and add this:

Now it's a powered version, strong enough to lift lightweight weapons and armor. Not mobile enough for you? Go here:

Now it flies.

This stuff, it's not a game, it's the world. It's coming. Get it?

Good morning, people. 

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Max said...

The future is here, and it's coming FOR YOU