Thursday, June 3, 2010


Time to clear out some stuff that's just taking up space (not to mention I really need the cash), so I'm putting some models up on eBay, including the above Tau Hammerhead. Head on over and check out the listings, which include some GW Ogres from 1984. 

Links to the listings (click straight through to eBay):

The Tau Hammerhead (I was thinking of a Shirow Masamune-themed Tau army, and this low-vis sniper tank was originally also going to have a set of legs and be a Spider gun platform. The guns and sensors swivels/traverse, the rear door opens, and the landing gear are removeable.  If it doesn't sell, I might just strip the model and convert it to go with the Fuchis...)

More pics of the Hammerhead:

Other links to other stuff:

Ogres (8 of 'em) (Stamped "GW 1984 on the bottom! I just never got around to painting them)

War Altar of Sigmar with Grand Theogonist Volkmar (only one horse, though)

Reaper Minis Shadow Dragon (Have you always wanted one? I suppose it's make a nifty bottle opener...)

Reaper Minis Frog Demon (perfect for a Great Unclean One!)

It occurs to me that they'd sell more painted, but assembling/painting is half the fun, isn't it? 

Happy bidding!


The_King_Elessar said...

I fear the day I feel a need to sell any models. lol

#2501 said...

Well, I had wanted to model that war altar, but alas. The toad demon and dragon were given to me as gifts, but haven't even seen the light of day for oh, years now, so why keep paperweights around?

If the Tau tank doesn't sell, I'll undertake to strip it and turn it into something different.