Sunday, June 20, 2010

This is Greg's fault.

Greg tactfully pointed out the less-than-stellar lighting conditions from the last shoot, so I dug around on the web and found a tutorial on lightbox building and lighting. I still have to get some nice cool (ie not-yellow) bulbs for the shop lights, but the abovewas shot in the result. I papered the inside of a box with white shelf paper,  leaving a curved surface on the back and minimal seams (they can be photoshopped out anyway). Is it too small to me to do whole armies and tank companies? Yes, but for squads, monsters, etc, it should work okay. 

So thanks, Greg, for telling my lighting was shit. Now it's bright as fuck. 

As you can see, the Angels of Fire color scheme is a dark palette anyway, but it does light up nicely. 

No, I won't retake every damn photo I've done already, even though the OCD section of my brain is screaming at me too. 

Happy Father's Day, people. 

You too, Greg, if you're a father. ;)


Chumbalaya said...

Easy lightbox makes for a big improvement, me likey.

Greg said...


Dude, you're awesome...and so are those Angels of Fire. I didn't realize how subtle the red was. I was thinking of copying it, and now I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to.

What did that lightbox set you back moneywise? I could do with one myself.

#2501 said...

Thank you for the inspiration, dude, otherwise I never would have thought of it. :)

The shelf paper I had half a roll of lying around for... well, hell, forever. It can't be more than $8-$10/roll, I'm thinking. I bought a pair of shop lights for $5.60 each from Lowe's and plugged in some clear 60w's I had to spare. Yellow light absolutely sucks balls, so I'm going to go back and find some of those blue-tinted daylight bulbs. Also, in the long run, I'd like to make a bigger one out of foam-core, which, if I recall correctly from my art school days, isn't more than $5 or $6 for a 30"x20" sheet. With the sides scored and taped properly, I should have a thing that folds away for easy storage (maybe with velcro bits to make it structural?).

Master Darksol said...

Love the deep red. Great mini, the lightbox was a huge improvement. :)