Monday, October 10, 2016

Dreadtober Finale....

Well, this is lovely. I can't get photos to load using the conventional Blogger tool, I have to go three steps around to Google photos. (have a better solution? Drop me a line) God help me. At least they're (mostly) watermarked, and if you ever want to see any golden oldies, they're on my hard drive somewhere.

Anyway, thanks to being ill, I managed to finish Venerable Brother Antilocus early, which means I can get back to painting the rest of his Deathwatch Brethren. He ended up being rather large, and turning into a bit of a vignette piece, as you can see. 

How big? Pretty big. I'm sure if I straighten the recut Calth Contemptor on the right, they'd they the same size. He definitely towers over Ole'Boxy there on the left. It struck me when I took this that I haven't shot the Calth set properly, but you all have seen Ultramarines before, and although 30 of them is a sight I don't want to bore you. (I do like the Terminator models, though. Maybe I'll get a set of troopers so I can use the Lightning Claw bits...)

Under all those bits is the old Contemptor Multi-Melta arm, which gained a magnet so I could swap weapons in and out. This required a bit of cutting, but it was all worthwhile. I debated scatchbuilding (or just buying) a set of Stormcannon and Melta-Lance and/or siege drill arms (especially since the Imperial Fists are into sieges) but decided to stay with the standard kit for the time being. 

His alternate weapon options, magnetized to click into place when needed. They also add an extra degree of posability. My apologies for the photo hotspots. Should've turned the model slightly more (sigh). 

I always thought the articulated hand made the boxy dread look rather apelike, but now that he has proper legs, it's wonderful. I debated using the arms from the Votoms kit the legs came from, but finding adequate cauldrons proved daunting, and the test fitting looked a little contrived. 

His back is a little underwhelming. I didn't want to overdo the gold everywhere. Yes, I know, there are parts lines on his legs. Shame on me for not green stuffing and sanding. I blame the diverticulitis. 

Large bases demand something extra, I think. This Grot is hoping Antilocus will just pass him by without stomping on him but you can guess what's going to happen next. The little fellow came with a Grenadier Models orc or ogre (I forget which), and sharp eyes will recognize the plastic bit from the Assassinorum set (they didn't want your shiny new Callidus to get cover saves). The two bits fit together quite well, so instead of using him for an objective marker, I plugged them in here to (literally) give the model a little character.

Next time, his little brethren....


Mordian7th said...

That is absolutely fantastic! Awesome build, sweet paint job and I love the soon-to-be-squashed grot!

Mark said...

Thanks man! Your looks great too! Lots of nice builds in this event.