Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Operation Impending Doom 2

Didn't I say he'd start to build himself, eventually? I went back and put some more time into it last night, mounting a quintet of bright lances from my bits box, and drilling out the ends so as to slip Necron light bitz into them. His beady little head comes from the new Cryx plastic box, and he also has a tiny set of arms courtesy of my Wraith experiments. I also added some spines to that plastic tail, and hid some of the exposed wire hanger with extra segments. Yes, that base is a bit larger than the "slightly larger than infantry base" bases, but since this is a hero creature, I don't mind. 

Being a serpentine creature, going any farther with him might be too far, and that metal Alien Queen body already has a wealth of detail already. It'd  be a shape to go stock Necron "aged metal" with the paint scheme, too, but I don't want to go too gaudy with something like a golden head. I may have to take a break to work out the Tyracron colors. 


Ricalope said...

I am liking this...thing a lot. It is stuff like this that make a guy like me follow a blog.

#2501 said...

Thanks! That Alien Queen body has been sitting in my bots box for so long that the rest of her has since been used and re-used. Strangely, I still have the head somewhere.

Stay tuned for more of this stuff.